Monday, September 19, 2011

Fun Weekend

We had a great, rather busy weekend!

Friday night, Jonathan ran in the Cooper Young 4 Miler, which is the annual kickoff to the Cooper Young Festival.  "Cooper Young" is the neighborhood right next to ours and is known for its eclectic residents, awesome restaurants, and funky shops/businesses.

I was proud of Jonathan for sticking with his weeks-ago plan to run, because in the 10 days leading up to the race, he ran once (because of a minor foot injury).  Also, this was only his second race ever and was therefore the first time he was running 4 miles in a race setting.

I was a little sad that I didn't get to hang out with a group of runners before the race since I had to pick up Jonathan's parents from the airport.  But at least I arrived, found a parking spot, and found a place to watch the first mile (with a few minutes to spare before the gun went off).  Overall, it was really fun to watch and was easy to move to different locations; I got to see Jonathan 4 different times during his run.  And he did well!  He averaged about 9 minutes/mile, which impressed me (he probably would've liked the number a little lower - but come on - first 4-miler!).

Afterwards, we hung around and chit chatted with some friends who also ran.  Then went home so Jonathan could grab a quick shower, and even though I planned to make a fun new recipe for dinner (pumpkin macaroni & cheese!), it was so late, we just ran to the pizza place at the end of the street, Little Italy, and had a few slices.  Great night!

Saturday during the day, we went to the CY Festival.  It's basically an art/craft festival with lots of food vendors and live music.  The weather was gorgeous (even though it got a little toasty around 3ish).  And we just enjoyed walking around, eating crap, and chatting with people we saw.  Actually, one of the highlights for me was having lunch at Imagine Vegan Cafe!  I'm not sure we really experienced it enough to do a full on Restaurant Review, but in short, I got a buffalo "chicken" sandwich with "ranch" dressing and a side of macaroni and "cheese."  And it was fun!  Nothing gourmet, just fun vegan food that you can't get at any other restaurant in town.  I'm not sure I'd crave it, per se, but I'm definitely glad I went and will want to go every now and then I'm sure.

Saturday night we went to a non-surprise, surprise 30th birthday cookout for Emily.  It was chill and really fun.  Emily and Joe have a great backyard and patio set up, so we spent most of the night chatting, drinking, and eating around the fire pit.  I ate waaaaay too many Las Delicias chips and a hefty chunk of ice cream cake, so I'm sure that'll be great for my weigh-in at the doctor on Tuesday, but whatev.

Sunday was pretty standard: church, laundry, errands, NFfreakingL, etc.  But overall, it was a fun weekend.  Even though we often like to be homebodies, it was fun to get out a little more than normal.  The worst part of the weekend?  I now have some nasty post-nasal drip that I fear will turn into a head cold, which is only awful because you can't take cold medicine while pregnant! Ahh!

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b|rad said...

the cooper young festival is my FAVORITE. I am reminded of it whenever I'm in the office! I bought a business card holder one year made of rusty metal in the shape of a dog. LOVE. IT.