Friday, September 23, 2011

Fetal Friday: Weeks 16-17

"Fetal Friday?"  What do we think - cute title or sort of lame?  Does it sound too much like "fecal?"  It's just that I Always Adore and Appreciate Awesomely Astonishing Alliteration.  And since I decided to do these updates on Fridays, you know, "fetus" was really the best I could do.

Anyway - here we are in "real time" with some pregnancy updates!  I decided to do weeks 16 and 17, because, you know, not much changed between the two, so why not?  But as of right now, I'm a full 17 weeks pregnant (about to turn 18).

How Big is Baby?
For week 17, baby is the weight of a turnip, but sadly they didn't give us a size comparison.  At week 16, baby was the size of an avocado, apparently.

Between the time I wrote the 13 week post and today, any negative symptoms of pregnancy have greatly decreased.  In fact, I feel great!  Pretty close to pre-pregnancy normal, but just with the added "new-normal" things:
-tinkling all the time (including once a night)
-sore boobs
-less exercise capability (walking is exclusively the way I raise my heart rate now)
-gastro troubles
-deep sleep at night
-round ligament pain (it feels like super sharp stabs around the areas of my ovaries and it lasts about 1-2 seconds each)

Weight Gain
According to my doctor's scale I've gained five pounds.  We'll go with that!  Especially since according to my scale, it's been a wee bit more. 

When I'm clothed, I don't think I look pregnant.  Yes, my belly looks bigger, but it doesn't look bigger in a pregnancy way.  Unclothed, I think you can tell there's something going on in there - but whether it's a baby or a food baby is probably up to the viewer to decide.

Maternity Clothes
Nope.  Although last week on casual Friday at work, I wore some casual-ish black pants and couldn't really button them comfortably, so I used a bella band to hold them up.  (I should say that pants are fitting a little tighter, so I'm just wearing skirts instead.  If it were winter, I might be more anxious to get the maternity wear going, but I prefer to wear my normal clothes for as long as possible.)

Food Aversions / Cravings
This has kind of ended, to everyone's sadness, I'm sure (since these are often the funny parts of pregnancy to hear about).  I still want nothing to do with spinach (raw or wilted).  And I had to have some Cheerios this past week, but other than that, not too much.  I'm back to being ok with pizza and coffee, although I don't really consume them too often.  I'm sort of on an egg and soy sausage kick, but those "kicks" wouldn't be uncommon pre-preg, so I'm not really attributing it to that.

Last Doctor's Appointment
I went for a 17 week appointment (I should've gone at 16, but scheduling issues pushed it a week late) on Tuesday.  It was sort of fun because when the nurse held the doppler up to my belly to hear the heartbeat, she found it, but then the baby squirmed away from her and she had to "chase" him/her down.  (I don't really blame the babe - she pushes that thing hard into my pelvis!)  Other than that, the appointment was just one for checking in, so the doctor and I had some chit chat and then called it a day.

Baby Moving?
First-time mothers usually feel the baby move any time between 17 and 21 weeks.  I haven't yet.  But I can't wait!

What I'm Looking Forward To
So much!  But in the near term:
-my belly "popping"
-feeling the babe move
-our 20-week ultrasound
-a stranger asking "when are you due?"

Preparations and Decisions Being Made
Um...not many preparations for baby are happening at the moment.  I guess we need to get on some of those in the next few weeks!  Thus far, the only major decision we made is to not find out the sex.  We also opted to get a blood test this week that screens for Down Syndrome. 

General Mentality
Still sort of concerned about birth defects, etc., but also a little less consumed by the negative thoughts.  We'll see a lot at the 20-week ultrasound, so I think knowing that it's so close is putting my worry to rest, because at least at that point we'll know.  I'm also feeling a little anxiety about choosing a name.  We haven't even discussed names yet, but it's just such a weighty decision!  It sticks with the baby for his/her whole life!

And what you've been waiting for....a belly pic (even though, as I said, there isn't much to see).

Happy weekend, guys!


LB said...

Cute pic!!! That's no food baby!! Now I have about a hundred questions so I'll text you :)

Claire said...

Aw, yay! It's almost like when Beyonce premiered her belly on the red carpet. :)

Amy said...

jackie - i am SOOOO excited to hear your news. i've been a little out of the blogging world, but am just super stoked to hear this news. you two are going to be awesome parents...what a lucky little baby that is! xx