Monday, August 29, 2011


The weekend never lasts long enough, I'd say.  It's not that in the middle of the day on Saturday I feel like the time is just flying by, but by Sunday night, I get the dreading-Monday blues.

Our weekend was great overall - relaxing and fun.  Friday night was pretty standard: we stayed in, cooked dinner (or actually re-heated some leftovers from the week), watched tv, and I fell asleep on the couch at 9:30.

Jonathan decided on a whim to get up Saturday morning and run a 5k race that was through Overton Park. He didn't want any cheerleaders, so I slept in (sort of - although the dog put a kink in that) until he got home.  He liked the route through the shaded park, enjoyed the slightly cooler weather, and was happy with his time.  Winning all around.

Later I took the dog for our own 5k walk through the neighborhood.  And then our afternoon was pretty lazy, that is until I decided I needed to have some baked goods immediately.  I thought Muddys would be a good choice because I could get a slice of fruit pie (which I was craving), and a "shot" of chocolate frosting (because I also had some chocolate cravings going on).  It was going to be a win-win.  But when we got there (after driving alllllll the way to East Memphis), they had the pie - blueberry/apricot - but were out of chocolate frosting.  Wth?  I was so upset I wanted to cry sad they didn't have it and I worried that without chocolate, my craving wouldn't be satisfied.

Let's take a moment, though, to say how awesome the pie was.  Holy crap - absolutely delicious!  The blueberry/apricot filling was awes and the crust was flaky and perfect.

Jonathan had been wanting to try the bakery at YoLo Midtown for awhile, so we decided to cruise over there, after Muddys as I secretly hoped they would have something chocolate and delicious.  He ended up getting a vanilla cupcake....and I got some chocolate cheesecake gelato.  I know.  It was insane and totally unnecessary for me to eat two sweet treats in the same day, but they were so good!

Saturday night we tried a new restaurant (Acre) with some good friend K.C. and Katheryn.  I'll do a Restaurant Review on it tomorrow.

Sunday was pretty standard.  Except that last night we had a little event to attend...  My mother in law Janie spent most of her career doing development for the Memphis Arts Council.  She's a lover of the arts, especially theatre, and has stayed pretty involved in that "scene," even though she's retired.  One of the things she's done for the past 25 years is help produce the annual Ostrander Awards and give an introductory monologue at the ceremony.  This is like Memphis' version of the Tony's for our local productions (awarding stuff like "Best Musical" "Best Play" "Best Actor" etc.).

Well, she decided this would be her last year hosting, so Jonathan and me, his dad, and a few of their friends decided to attend so we could see her final opening monologue (for which she's "famous").  This is definitely one of those events that appeals to a certain crowd (the Memphis theatre community) and not many other people.  We were definitely the "other people" (especially considering the amount of or lack there of local theatre Jonathan and I attend in this city).  So while all many of the jokes were lost on us, it was great to be there.  After Janie's monologue they did a little tribute to her and her contributions to the awards.  And then later in the show, they did a special presentation to her and all she's done for arts in this city over the years; and then they introduced a new award (in her namesake) that will be given to "outstanding contributions to the arts."  Very cool.  They made an awesome metal sculpture for her to signify the new award.  So cool that all her hard work was recognized.

All in all a good weekend.  I have a crazy work week ahead - but at least the 3-day weekend is a light at the end of the tunnel!

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Did you see John Rone at the Ostrander thing? I remember him talking about those...