Friday, August 12, 2011

Totally Random

I'm so very glad it's Friday!  And I'm glad the weather has cooled off a little this week (please, please stay cool as we foolishly? attempt to go to the Redbirds game on Saturday night!).  We have a sort of busy but fun weekend coming up, so I'm excited about that!

And actually, Monday at work is always an interesting day as well: it's the day our semi-annual bonuses get deposited into our bank accounts.  It seems innocuous, but in fact it's one of the most popular quitting days of the year.  Since the bonus is such a big part of the analysts' annual earnings, if they're going to take another job, they're silly not to wait until after bonus time to do it.  Some of us like to take guesses about who we think will leave (yeah - work can get boring sometimes - anything to keep the time moving).

Another thing that kept the time moving yesterday was a water-cooler conversation around the new candy machine in the breakroom!  It's one of these deals, but with 4 candy dispensers.

I have to say, it seems a little dangerous to have a candy machine on our floor.  It only costs a quarter, and all the money goes to charity!  I mean, who can turn down charity candy?  The four candies are Mike & Ikes, Reeses M&Ms, gumballs, and Skittles.  Yesterday I had the Reeses and they were pretty good.  I'm glad there are no regular M&Ms, because I would be helpless against their siren song, but really, the only ones I'm interested in are the Reeses and the Skittles, so maybe I'll be ok.  And the fact that I never have cash or change might help as well.

Anyway - I don't have much more randomness to share.  Happy Friday and I hope you guys have a good weekend!

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