Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pioneer Woman

Do any of your guys read Pioneer Woman's blog?  I don't, although I wish I did.  I love the concept of it - that is, she's a housewife with 4 kids who lives on a ranch in the middle of nowhere out West.  Her husband is a "cowboy," and she reflects on how she was a total "city girl" before she met him.  Her blog includes lots of general daily bantering, stuff on cooking and "homemaking," and stuff on home schooling her kids.  It totally sounds like the kind of thing I'd be into.

But my problem with it is the layout.  Maybe someone who reads it often can steer me in the right direction?  Because when I click on her home page, there doesn't seem to be any one place you can go where you get a feed of everything she updates when she updates it.  I guess I'm thinking of something a la who has different aspects of her blog (the blog itself, a daily picture, a daily picture of her dog, and a daily picture of "style") but they're all available just on the home page in a feed.  You don't have to click anywhere else if you don't want to.  I think with Pioneer Woman you would have to check every. single. area. of her blog if you wanted to see what she's updating on a daily basis.  I don't like that.

So anyway, I don't read her blog.  But I was excited to watch the first episode of her new Food Network tv show this past weekend.  Did any of you guys see it?

It has to be one of the first first episodes of a FN show I was really, really impressed with.  It was wonderful!  I guess most shocking was how comfortable Ree Drummond was in front of the camera.  It was almost like she's been practicing "teach cooking" for ages.  Hardly ever is someone's first show as comfortable as hers.  Also, they featured her family in a lot of cameos, and they all seemed really normal and down to Earth (also not uncomfortable in front of the camera). It was really nice.

But I guess most impressively was how wonderful the production was on the whole thing.  It was beautiful - they did lots of panning landscape shots of her ranch and showed the animals and the big sky.  And it was set up nicely in layout.  So she would talk about how she was going to cook something, but for some things, instead of showing every step, they would do a little past montage showing some of the more mundane aspects of the process (the chopping, boiling, peeling, etc.).  This saved a lot of time and allowed her to make two meals instead of one.

I was a big fan!  I can't wait to see more episodes (although I worry my Saturday morning food tv marathons might be replaced by Game Day in a week or two).

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Kate said...

Hey Jackie! I'm not a big PW reader but I usually sign up for her giveaways:) If you have gmail, you can get a subscription to her blog in the reader and it will update with every new post from all the different areas.