Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Outfit!

Jonathan has been into running, of late.  As you can imagine, given the weather, it's not really the most awesome time of year to run outside.  BUT, our treadmill has been broken for awhile now and the idiot repairman told us he ordered the broken part but in fact hadn't, so we're even farther behind on getting it fixed.  So despite the heat, Jonathan's been hitting the roads in the early hours of the morning/late hours of the afternoon to pound out a few miles.

As you can imagine, he gets pretty sweaty by the end of the whole thing.  He's been wearing normal, cotton tshirts for the most part, but went to the local running store to get some sweat-wicking ones.  Well, they are about $40, and he thought that was a little high for an exercise shirt.

This past Saturday he was having lunch with a friend (a runner who does lots of marathons) and lamented the running-shirt situation.  And the friend told him he had to go to the Nike Outlet in Mississippi, which he (nor I) even knew existed.

So off they went after lunch.  Jonathan called me on the way and asked if I wanted anything.  I figured outlet prices were the perfect time to try some of the Nike running shorts everyone loves so much, so I explained them in detail over the phone and said to just get whatev if it was cheap.

And Jonathan came home with quite the bounty!

He got himself 3 sweat-wicking shirts, a sweat headband, and a sweat-wicking pullover for cooler weather.  And he got me some shorts!  When I was looking at his new shirts, I noticed one looked a little small for him, and when we looked closer, we saw he accidentally bought a kid's large, not an adult's.  Lucky for me, it fit moi perfectly, so I got a whole new running outfit!

The shorts: $14; the shirt: $9 - how awesome!  Jonathan's friend said the merch in the store is very hit or miss and changes all the time.  Apparently it's hard to find average sizes (example: Jonathan said they had some cool women's running shorts - in cool color combos - but all of those were XS).  I'm definitely into my new outfit, though!  I'm hoping we can go back in a month or so to check out the new arrivals!


Jonathan said...

I think you meant sweeeeet headband, not sweat headband.

Team DesGranges said...

Oooh! Fun! I'm so absorbed in sweat-wicking crap due to Jockey right now. If you want more stuff, I'd actually recommend their staycool product, which keeps you 3 degrees cooler ;) (can get you coupon if you want!)

katie said...

i LOVE those shorts! i'll be anxious to see how you like them. and $14 is insanely cheap. i wish i could get them that cheap!!

lb - the jockey stuff sounds awes!