Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fun Weekend!

This past weekend was lovely!  It was the perfect mix of activities and relaxation time.

Friday night I went with some friends to see The Help at the Paradiso.  We had all read the book and were excited about seeing it on the big screen.  Overall, I really enjoyed the movie!  I have to say, it has probably been a year and a half since I read the book, so I didn't remember much about it.  (Not much at all.  Apparently there were a couple big scenes in the book that were left out of the movie and I was none the wiser - I didn't even remember them in the book.)  So maybe that makes me less critical of the book-to-screen adaptation, but I thought it was great.  Really well cast.  And I wasn't distracted by awful attempts at the southern accent (a la True Blood).  Seeing it in Memphis, there were definitely some, ahem, "vocal" people sitting in the audience I could've done without, but I guess that comes with the territory.

The movie was a whopping 2 and a half hours long!  We went to the Paradiso because they offered an earlier showtime (6:45), so we could grab dinner afterwards.  We went to Swankys - mmm - and enjoyed good food and conversation.  About the time we all finished eating, we noticed there was a torrential downpour outside.  While the Swankys people maybe weren't too jazzed about our extended stay, we enjoyed more chitchat and movie debriefing.  Overall a great night!

Saturday during the day, Jonathan and I went to the gym together.  Then we got home and bummed around for a little bit (I even caught a small afternoon nap), before we went to the 6pm Redbirds game.  This was another super-fun night!  We went with some friends from church (most of whom we don't hang out with on a super-regular basis), so it was fun to be with different people.  Per our usual style, there were fireworks after the game, which made the whole thing that much more fun.

My big dilemma at the game was what food to get.  So Autozone Park was listed in the top-10 of vegetarian-friendly ballparks in the country (how exciting!), so I love eating there.  Well, my go-to is the veggie dog plate - it's a grilled veggie dog and chips; but the beauty is that the dog itself is awesome, and the whole thing only costs like $5 (for a totally filling meal), which seems unheard of for ballpark food.  One thing I had never tried at the park was the black bean burger, which I'd heard was homemade.  But it was such a toss-up what to get because I didn't know if I should go with: 1) what I know, or 2) something new.  I weighed everyone's opinions, and decided I would figure out if there were any sides with the $8.50 burger.  When the girl told me french fries came with it, I was sold.

The verdict?  The dog is better.  The black bean burger was fine, but maybe a tad too greasy?  Also, it came with lettuce & tomato, but nothing else - so what sauce should I put on it?  Ketchup didn't seem right.  I don't like plain old yellow mustard, and there was no mayo.  I ended up walking over to the bbq tent and asking the girl to squirt some bbq sauce on my burger (which wasn't ideal - it needed either mayo or sour cream/guac), but whatev.  It'll be the dog plate next time.  (Is the lesson here go with what you know?)

Sunday was a usual Sunday.  Jonathan worked for most of the day, so I ran errands and watched a lot of Oprah Season 25 Behind the Scenes.

The most glorious end to the weekend, I must say, was Monday when I walked Hank in the morning and the weather was so chilly (low 60s) I needed a long-sleeved t-shirt!  Fall is just around the corner!  I hope you guys had good weekends, too.

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