Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Randoms

1.  I had Kettle Chips back when I was in high school (does anyone remember how Jim's mom used to buy them all the time?).  And they were delicious back then - super crunchy and potato-y.  I will say that since then, though, I haven't really thought about Kettle Chips, since full-fat chips are generally off my radar (I always go for baked).  Well, I was in the grocery store awhile back and came across these:
Baked Kettle Chips!  I had to have them!  And let me tell you guys something: they did not disappoint.  They are awesome.  I have no idea how they bake them - because these are 180 degrees different than baked Lays/Ruffles/etc. - they actually look like potatoes.  In fact, they look like real chips.  And they taste like them too, for that matter.  They're thick and crunchy and almost feel a little greasy.  You can have 13 chips for 120 calories, which is awesome in my book.  If you can find them in the store, buy some!  The salt & pepper flavor is particularly great.

2.  I've been interested in buying some loose powder to put over my foundation when doing my makeup (so I can "set" it).  I've always been really happy with the L'Oreal True Match line (because one of their colors matches my skin pretty well).  So I saw this in the store the other day, thinking it was exactly what I was looking for:
I used it a couple times to set my makeup, only it didn't really do what I was hoping.  In doing some internet research, I learned that it isn't, in fact, loose powder but mineral foundation.  I've never really understood the whole mineral makeup craze - as in, I have no idea what it is or why I would choose it over normal, old makeup.  But all the online reviews of this product definitely described it as a straight-up foundation, meaning I wouldn't need to first put on my normal makeup.  So I tried it - and I'm so glad I did!  One, it goes on so evenly and fast - I mean, 15-30 seconds and my skin looks flawless.  Two, I like that it has a slight shimmer to it (maybe that's the way mineral makeup is supposed to look?).  And three, it seems to last pretty well, given that it's only a powder.  I don't think this product is for everyone (ie, anyone who has flaws they're looking to cover and/or anyone who feels like their skin looks "greasy" if it has a bit of shimmer on it).  But if you have relatively clear/even skin and like a little dewiness, try it out!

3.  I bought this at Targ yesterday and am excited to see how it works.  (I'm just a mineral-product machine now!)
I've been using Jonathan's deodorant the past couple weeks since I was out of my own, so I think anything will be an improvement from the manly Old Spice.

4.  I CAN-NOT wait for Saturday night when we'll see one of my favorite musicals of all time, Bye, Bye Birdie at Theatre Memphis.  More on that after the weekend!

5.  We had our volunteer training for Facing History and Ourselves on Tuesday night.  It was cool to learn about the exhibit and it made me excited about my Junior League placement for the year.  (Mind you, there were some overly vocal 70 year olds also in the training who made the whole thing: a) a little annoying, and b) last longer than it probably would have otherwise, but it was still good.)

That's about all I've got.  I hope you guys have wonderful, safe, fun weekends!


Team DesGranges said...

OMG I LOVE those salt and pepper Kettle chips and I never eat them because, you know, they're not great for you. Baked is a dream!

Also, if you like that Loreal stuff so much, you should check out Arbonne products sometime (or get yourself finagled to a "home party" or whatever). They're makeup is very similar (i.e. terrible for me, great for you) and my friends swear by it. Remind me I'll tell you more about it on the phone!

Sarah said...

I LOVE those kettle chips and also never buy them. Definitely going to look for the new healthier version!

I'm a mineral products fan and purchase them from (cheap make up but some of it is great!). My suggestion is their mineral blush, goes on very pretty and has that nice sheen.