Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Randoms

1) We've had record high heat the past few days.  Yesterday, said in parts of Memphis it could "feel like 117."  Sick.

2) And on that note, our house hasn't been able to "catch up" the past couple days - ie, it never reaches our desired temperature (even by the morning, it's not caught up).

3) Our treadmill has been broken the past few weeks and it's driving me insane!  I hate that if I want to do cardio, I have to either do a video or go to the gym.  (So partially, I also hate that it's too hot to walk outside after work.)  It's made me big time slack on my workouts the past few weeks.

4) I had two nightmares this week, which is pretty out of the norm.  So I was thinking about it, wondering if anything had changed in my routine, and I realized I'd had TCBY the night of both nightmares yes I went to TCBY twice this week what's it to you?.  I wonder if there's any correlation.

5) Speaking of TCBY, for some reason I've been preferring it to YoLo of late.  I know - total blasphemy!  But the thing I love about good, ole TCeeb is that they offer two sugar-free varieties everyday.  YoLo only ever has NSA Strawberry.  There's something about the sugar-free ones that I really like - they're sweet, but not over-the-top sweet.  I also like that at TCeeb you can get a "shiver," where they blend the yogurt with your toppings.

6) It's tax-free weekend in Tennessee!  Does this exist in other states?  I don't remember it in Missouri, but then again, I'm not sure it would've excited me when I was a kid as much as it does now.  (Also, maybe MO doesn't have a high sales tax?  Again - not something I ever paid attention to.)  But basically, sales tax is withheld on most purchases for this weekend only.  Stay tuned, because I might or might not be utilizing the weekend to make a big the Apple store...

7) I've been craving a bagel with cream cheese of late.  Have I ever mentioned on the blog how Memphis doesn't have bagel places?  It's a complete tragedy.  And the breakfast restaurants that bake them in-house don't quite do it right.  There's one actual bagel shop, but it's all the way out in Germantown, so I've never been.  (Although, actually, it just dawned on me as I typed this that we now have a St. Louis Bread Co. Panera - so that could totally help fulfill my craving.  I might need to head out there this weekend!)

8) Has anyone seen what the stock market has been doing this week?  Wow-y!  It's going dooooooooown.

9) Last weekend, when we were having dinner in Oxford, Jonathan got into a conversation with a somewhat cocky heart surgeon who was also in our group.  When Jonathan told him what he does (which is represent doctors when they're sued [not sure I've ever mentioned that]), the surgeon said somewhat cockily, "so, basically, you want doctors to get sued?"  And my husband's response was just classic - it made me remember why I like him so much sometimes (wink) - it was, "well, you basically want people to get sick, right?"  Love it.

On that note - I hope you guys have a good weekend!  Drink lots of water and stay in air conditioning if you're in a blazing part of the country.  And if you're not, I hate you enjoy the wonderful summer weekend.

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b|rad said...

I have lots of comments...

1. Remember that TCBY on Union by Walgreens? And how those teens were always working behind the counter? Didn't you and Katie make friends with one of them? I think maybe he was from the youth group Katie and I worked with. I always felt like that place was crawling with teen drama and angst. and perspiration.

2. Yes, MO has tax free weekend. It's also this weekend! And the sales tax IS pretty high.. 9.something.

3. STL has been SO HOT but the temperatures finally dipped below 100 and yesterday, it hovered around 90. Felt like Fall compared to what we've had.

4. I feel like you'd have some thoughts on whether or not I should get a mini. See my post.