Monday, August 22, 2011

Bye Bye Weekend

Again, another lovely and relaxing weekend in M-town, which was good because I have a super busy week ahead of me.

Friday was a stay-at-home-and-do-nothing kind of night (it seems like we usually have these on Fridays).  We just cooked dinner and stayed in and I might or might not have fallen asleep on the couch at 9:30.

Also, a sort of odd thing happened Friday night.  A little backstory is that we ordered an air duct cleaning through Groupon (or one of those discount sites) in early July.  I was randomly thinking about it in early August, and decided to go ahead and set it up.  Well, when I looked at the receipt from the whole thing, one, it said in expired on August 1, 2011!  This shocked me because any other Groupon thing I've ever bought doesn't expire until a year after purchase.  It was August 3rd, so I thought they might cut me a little slack.  Well then, two, another weird thing was the way the coupon was worded.  My directions to set up the cleaning were to "go to the location with your coupon and set up cleaning."  No phone number for the company was listed, and the address given was Redbirds Stadium.  Um...?  So after some extensive google searching (because their website doesn't initially pop up when searching), I found a phone number and called to schedule.  The woman, although slightly hesitant, let me go ahead and set up even though I was after the date.  They had nothing available until this past Saturday the 20th, which was actually fine for us because then we wouldn't have to miss work.

Well, the girl at the place called me earlier in the week and said, "hey, we had some slots open up during this week, why don't we reschedule you?"  And I was like, "well, I appreciate the call, but we might prefer Saturday since we have busy weeks at work."  No problem, she said she just wanted to call and be sure.  (Note that every time I've talked to her, it's been a different phone number, some in Memphis, some in Mississippi, and at all hours - once at 8pm on a Sunday.)  Ok, fast forward to 8pm on Friday night - the guys were scheduled to come to our house at 8am Saturday morning.  I get a message from the girl (on a new #, of course) that says, "hi Jackie, we need to go ahead and reschedule your cleaning because our guys are cleaning their trucks and equipment tomorrow."  What??  Certainly they didn't decide at 8pm Friday night to cancel their Saturday jobs and clean their equipment.  So we've rescheduled for Wednesday morning - I'm curious if this "company" is real.  I'll keep you posted.

So anyway, Saturday morning was cleared up!  I got to watch a slew of cooking shows!  Then in the afternoon, Patti and I had a special 2-hour yoga class we'd signed up for with the awesome teacher who taught my series I took in June/July.  It was fan-tas-tic!  So much fun, but so challenging.  (For example, at one point we were supposed to hold this pose, Side Crow, for awhile.  Not sure my body will ever be able to do that, but it certainly couldn't this weekend.)
I'm still quite sore in the arms and shoulders, though, so I can only imagine what I'd be feeling if I was able to do that thing!

Then Saturday night was the night I'd been waiting for!  Bye, Bye Birdie at Theatre Memphis!  I was in this show in 7th grade (it was my first musical) and fell in love with it!  The music is awesome and it's totally kitchy 1950s America.  Well, the version at Theatre Memphis didn't disappoint!  In fact, this was one of the best shows I've seen in Memphis, I think (which isn't necessarily drawing from a ton of other ones, but still).  The actors were great (they used 20+ kids from local high schools to play the teenagers), the sets were awesome, the choreography was fun, and the direction was really cool (that is, they held lots of unique poses while they were lit in cool ways and they did some neat stuff with slow motion).  I was impressed.

And to make the whole night especially great, Jonathan "let" us go to Houston's for dinner.  Houston's is a chain restaurant in East Memphis and I adore their veggie burger.  It's soooo annoying to go there, though, because loads of suburbanites flock it at dinnertime because they confuse it with fine dining (example, I called ahead at 5:45 Saturday for a table and there was already an hour and a half wait).  But the veggie burger is worth it!  When we got there, we hovered around the bar and were able to get two seats in about 5 minutes, so we sat and ate there instead of waiting for a table.  It was so yum - love love love the burg!

Sunday morning, Jonathan went to church early because he had to usher, and then sent me an urgent text to "STAY HOME!"  Our normal pastor was out and the girl preaching in his place isn't my favorite.  So I was able to beat the church crowds at the grocery store and lounge for most of the afternoon.  What a lovely end to a lovely weekend!

I hope you guys had good ones, too!

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