Monday, August 8, 2011

A Big Night!

Does anyone remember reading this post about a year ago?  Well, it was written in September, and from that time until now, I've been diligently saving my money, as planned, so I could make my big purchase.

Well, after 11 months of saving and a generous contribution from Jonathan's gas-reimbursement money from work, Friday was a big night...

We went to dinner at Swanky's (my new fave) and then headed over to the Apple store!  There was about a 30 minute wait (which made us so thankful we went Friday night instead of during the day over the weekend, where the line would be that long [or longer] but would be in the 115 degree heat index).  Once we got inside, I bought my new computer!!

I decided to go with the new 13" MacBook Air - and I love it!  Jonathan also has a MacBook Air (but his is 11" and the first generation one), so I sort of knew what I was getting myself into.  But basically - it's awesome!  The Flash memory makes everything move so quick, and in addition to normal computer functions, I can download apps from the apple store.  Also, it came with the new Mac operation system, Lion.  The mouse/trackpad is its own little computer (it seems) and has all these crazy swipes that do different things - I'm still trying to get the hang of it.

This is the first new computer I've had in 10 years, and I couldn't be happier!  Here's to writing my novel and writing awesome blog posts and playing chess and video chatting and everything else awesome I'll be doing!

(Anyone have any app recommendations for a computer?  I have an iPhone, so I know all the apps I use on that, but I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas for a bigger machine.)

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Team DesGranges said...

I'm still stuck on when you said "playing chess"...but if I overlook that...congrats on the new comp! Getting a new Mac is pretty much the best present ever. I just about threw mine out the window this morning so we may be investing in a desktop for home soon...