Monday, July 11, 2011

The Weekend With My Mom...In Food

My mom arrived on Friday at lunchtime.  I walked down to her hotel, grabbed her, and we walked to meet Jonathan at The Majestic.  This isn't one of my "usual" lunch spots, but I've been dying to try their veggie burger, so it seemed like a good opportunity.  Um...holy crap!  This veggie burger was a-maz-ing!  Definitely top three in the city - possibly even top two.  I think I read somewhere that it's made with polenta as a base?  But basically it's this lovely crunchy texture on the outside and then totally smooth/not dry on the inside. So so so good!  (I also got french fries as my side - I mean, come on - burger and fries!  It's a classic!)

That night, after my mom played for quite some time with her "granddog" (who she loved), we headed on to Central BBQ because she wanted some while she was in town.  Since Jonathan and my mom both had salads for lunch, they were probably a little more hyped about a big heavy bbq meal than me.  But I still managed to polish off a portabello sandwich.  And as a first for me, my mom and I ordered "chips with blue cheese" to split.  I've never even really noticed them on the menu before, but they were definitely yum.  The homemade chips are out of this world, and the blue cheese sauce (which I have to imagine is just blue cheese mixed with mayo and spices) was to die for.  We had to follow dinner with YoLo.  Had to.  We actually brought it home, though, and watched Tangled that we'd rented from Netflix.  It was such a cute movie!  Definitely recommend.

Jonathan had to work Saturday morning, so my mom and I went to the farmer's market to walk around.  While there, we sampled some gluten-free pastries (which were great), some local granola, and bought a slice of blueberry/peach/banana bread (YUM) to split.  We also bought a perfectly ripe, perfectly delicious cantalope and some blackberries and ate a bunch of that when we got home.

Then we caught an early lunch with Patti at Fino's.  I haven't been to good old Fino in quite some time, so it was a real treat to go.  It was as delicious as always - and actually, the big difference I noticed was the amount of mayo in the pasta salad.  I mean, they are not skimping on it at all.  Like, not at all.  But it was still delicious (if you like mayo).  And the serving size was enormous.  Again, there was no skimping there.

After a great afternoon at the pool, we cleaned ourselves up and headed to Sweet Grass for a lovely, nice dinner.  I just love that place!  The food is so good and the atmosphere is so nice, it's definitely my restaurant of choice for the moment (although our waiter on Saturday could've been 100x better, but whatev).  We all had delicious meals (me, a flounder special; Jonathan, lamb; and my mom, shrimp and grits) and we followed it with a piece of blueberry pie with lemon whipped cream and a sour cream apple pie with bourbon gelato.  The apple pie blew the blueberry out of the water - but both were deliciously decadent.

And as if we had any more room to eat - Sunday morning we went to Cafe Ecclectic for breakfast/brunch.  We actually tried to go to 3 Angels Diner, but when we got there, a sign said they didn't open until 11.  I want to look into that, because on their website they have a breakfast/brunch menu (and it just seems like 11 is late for that to start, you know?).  But Ecclectic was a fine substitute.  No one got anything crazy or out of the ordinary - just egg dishes, etc.

All in all, a great weekend - food-wise and other.  Unfortunately, the heat really started up yesterday (with a "feels like" heat index of 107), and today I think it is supposed to "feel like" 113.  Sick.

And if you didn't already guess, I'll be eating fruits and vegetables for the next few days trying to cleanse my body of all the crap it consumed.  Totally worth it, though.  I hope you guys had good ones, too.

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