Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend O' Harry

Some key words from my weekend: Harry Potter; snow cones; women's soccer; relaxation.  "Harry" and "relaxation" really define the weekend more than anything else, though...

Friday night, Jonathan and I went to dinner at Fuel Cafe (an RR post to come on that this week), went to Jerry's Snow Cones, and then settled in at home to watch the first half of the last HP.  Jerry's was the perfect way to start the weekend, but I was confused and thought my absolute favorite thing on the menu was the John Deere (because I knew JD was named for the color, and I knew my favorite was green), but once I started eating it, realized it was not what I hoped to order.  (After we ordered, Jonathan was like, "I think you like the Too Legit," which is absolutely correct.  Order fail - but oh well.)  And yeah, per my post last week, the first half of Deathly Hallows is definitely out on DVD - thanks for the comments on that.  I'm not really sure how I missed its release, but yeah, we were able to rent it through the tv and watch it.

Saturday we ventured to the farmer's market in the morning (where I bought two cantaloupes because one wasn't enough last week).  And then I planned to go to the pool, but was somewhat dissuaded by the kind of overcast weather.  Instead I went to Pottery Barn to buy some pillows covers for our new couches (a post to come on that this week), and then just lounged for most of the day.  It was lovely and relaxing.  I did manage to make it to the gym, so it wasn't complete laziness although I also baked muffins, so maybe that cancels out the gym? 

And Saturday night was Harry Potter finale night for us!  Overall we were both pleased with how it was done.  It was nice having just re-read the last book, so we had it fresh in our minds and were able to note what parts had been omitted and/or embellished.  I'm sad to see the movies end, but at the same time, I know we'll still watch them a ton (as ABC Family has an all-Harry Potter Sunday every few weeks, it seems) and I wouldn't even be surprised if I re-read the whole series again at some point in the future.  We followed the movie with dinner at Swankys Taco Shop - mmm.

After church on Sunday, we settled on the couch for the soccer game (and all the pre-game coverage).  Although it didn't end as we would've liked, it was still fun to watch.  And even though I hate to admit it, Japan has gone through so much this year, a win is probably good for them.  (Not that an American win wouldn't have been 1000x better, but you know, looking on the bright side...)

Overall a great weekend!  I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves, as well!

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