Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday Randoms

1) Go US Women's soccer!  I have to say, it was pretty awesome to hear the boys cheer in the breakroom yesterday as they watched the match against France.  To know it was a women's sporting event and they were that into it warmed my heart a little.

2) Yesterday in Court Square there was a Dole truck giving out free fruit cups.  Apparently Dole is doing a cross-country trip where they stop in a city a day to hand out free fruit.  The winning aspect of the whole situation (aside from the fact it was free) was a little sample of "Real Fruit Bites" in apple flavor that were included in our goody bags.  They are chunks of apple coated in a yogurt/oats mixture that I would maybe think about purchasing them on my own, they were that good.  Good job, Dole - way to bring in a new customer.

3) It is hottttttttttt outside.  Really, grossly, oppressively hot.  Like, our air conditioner can't ever catch up (because the lows of the day have been in the mid-80s).  I'm starting to think I can't go home at lunch anymore to let the dog out for a tinkle.  Thoughts on this?  He holds it during the night, which is about the same amount of hours as the day...

4) On Tuesday night, we had a fly infestation in our house!  It was absolutely grotesque.  I killed 12, I think, and then killed another yesterday at lunch.  Jonathan probably killed 6.  We have no idea where they came from!  I made Jonathan go into the attic to see if there was a dead animal up there.  None.  I went out at one point and scooped poop from the yard, wondering if we just hadn't done that recently enough.  Unknown - but I hope the problem is resolved.

5) On the road (Riverside Drive) that runs next to my work parking lot, there has been a pretty big pothole/sinkhole that's been forming over the past few months.  It was starting to get really deep.  So they fixed it the other day.  Only....the way the City of Memphis decided to "fix" it was by pouring a pile of rocks in there.  As you can imagine, the rocks have been spread in 100 different directions on the main road, and if you want my opinion, are just waiting to crack a windshield or two or 20 when they get turned up.  Um - who's idea was it to fix the hole this way??

6) Did I mention how hot it is?  I need to stay positive...  Just a few more weeks and we might get some relief.

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Sarah said...

I second on USA soccer! I got back from lunch and saw my male coworker watching on his computer and jumped right in. I wish the games were on at better times so people could have gotten more into it before the championship.

A bit cooler here than it has been today, maybe you will get a 5 -10 degree cooldown tomorrow.