Friday, July 15, 2011

Sandwiches and Lemonade - Mmm!

I had a doctor's appointment out East yesterday in the early afternoon.  When it was over, I decided the only smart thing for a person to do when out in East Memphis at lunchtime is go to Deli Mexicana

Oh my gosh - it was so. friggin. good.  I mean, just delicious!  The gist of this place is that it's a Mexican sandwich shop.  The owner will give you a long rundown on it when you walk in if you say you've never been, but apparently in Mexico City there are a lot of upscale-ish sandwich shops that use super fresh ingredients.  So that's his whole thing - super fresh ingredients on either a delicious roll or as tacos.  I believe the toppings that come on every sandwich/taco are: refried beans spread on the bread, jalapenos, tomato, avocado, and pickled onion.  Then the delicious bread is buttered and the whole thing is lightly heated on a skillet.  I got the red snapper sandwich and a ear of corn.  The corn is dipped in mayonnaise and then rolled in cheese and spices - can you go wrong with that?  I'd say no.

They also offer all these fresh-squeezed juices.  Not to say that fresh-squeezed juice is bad for you, but I figured with my sandwich and corn, I probably didn't need any more calories at lunch.  But thinking about the juice got me hardcore craving pink lemonade when I got back to the office.  I had to go to the local Walgreens and buy a box of a sugar-free drink mix to satisfy my craving.  So good.  It tasted like summer.

Does anyone know why pink lemonade is pink?  In my opinion it has a distinctly different flavor than regular lemonade, but it isn't necessarily fruity.  I tried to do some google research on the matter - but there are about 1000 conflicting stories about it.  What maybe seems the most likely is that the "pink" version has more sugar than the normal version (and the color just comes from food dye).

Whatev.  Happy weekend, everyone.  I'm hoping for some rain or clouds in Memphis to cool things down.


Sarah said...

Yum, I just ate breakfast but you made me hungry. There is a place just like that I have been dying to try in St. Louis.

I just never seem to get to the Soulard/Benton Park area for lunch. Going to make it happen sometime this summer though.

Happy weekend.

Team DesGranges said...

That shop sounds delish! Do they make breakfast tacos?