Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Products

One of the reasons I like Target so much is its "Up & Up" brand - ie, the store's generic (much cheaper!) knockoffs of many popular products.  I'll buy pretty much anything generic: medicines, beauty products, cleaning products, food, you name it.

So given this background, it's a little strange, I guess, that I've never really bought stuff from the Suave "professional" line, which is basically knockoffs of specific salon hair products.  Now I will say this, I use salon-brand hair products most of the time.  I figure if I put the money into a good haircut and highlight, I should treat my hair well in between salon visits.  Since I go to an Aveda salon, I'm partial to that brand.

I have a slight obsession with hairspray, though.  I use it everyday.  I use it not necessarily to hold my hair in place, but more to create volume in my baby fine hair.  It's hard to explain exactly, but if you hold your hair up and the roots and spray it just right, the hairspray can create volume. 

Anyway, Aveda makes a friggin incredible hairspray called "Air Control."  It's perfect for what I want it to do, because it doesn't create a strong hold, comes out in a super fine mist, and smells awes.  It also costs $25 and I could easily use a bottle every two weeks.  So I decided long ago to ditch the habit.  Bumble & Bumble also makes a pretty good product ("Spray de Mode"), but again, checks in around $24. 

My current go-to has been "W8less" by Rusk or "Medium Hold" by Biolage, both bought in the "salon" section of Targ.  Both come in around $15, which isn't great, but the bottles last about a month and are less than $25, so I've gone with it.

Well, I was in the store the other day and happened to turn around to see the Suave Professional line.  And I saw this.
My interest was immediately piqued because they call it "light hold."  In case you're never in the market for hairspray, let me just tell you, it's really hard to find a light hold product - presumably because most people don't want that.  It says on the bottle it "works as well as Sebastian," which isn't a prodcut I've ever tried - but I was definitely up for trying a $2 light hold hairspray!

And the verdict?  Not too shabby!  The price is a huge factor here.  $2.  Two dollars!  Two!  So yeah, you can't beat that.  And the hold is nice.  As is the super fine mist.  Actually, I like everything about the way the product works, except for the smell.  But the smell isn't awful, it's just not great.  So yeah, I think I might be sold on this one for awhile.

Well, while I was in the Suave section, I happened to spot this guy as well.
(Note - this picture got cut off a little, but I have no motivation to re-take it and/or re-load it to the blog.)

I was really excited to see it because the "real" version of this conditioner (Aveda's Rosemary Mint) is in my conditioner rotation.  Not that it's terribly expensive to get the Aveda one (maybe $10 for a bottle that lasts me 2-3 months [I go really light on conditioner]), but this Suave one was sub $2 (sub $2!!), which is ridiculously cheap!

Unfortunately my verdict on this is less glowing.  One, it smells nothing like the light, envigorating minty goodness of the real thing - and actually smells kind of gross and floral.  Two, the texture isn't the same, which is what makes the Aveda one awesome.  Three, it has that sort of gross slimy feel that most drugstore-brand conditioners have.  All in all, it's probably a fine product - but in terms of comparing to its original, not so much.

Do you guys use any of this Suave stuff?


b|rad said...

I do! They make a men's shampoo which is equivalent to the Crew brand shampoo. I'm IN LOVE with the Crew shampoo but it's $10-$12 a bottle and the bottle is tiny. The Suave one is like $4-5 and over twice the size. #WIN

Sarah said...

I do sometimes. I love the smell of their coconut shampoo I forget which brand it mocks, so I buy it on occasion. I also purchase their clarifying shampoo to use about once a week on my hair. I will have to try the hair spray you mentioned because I am always looking for an affordable cheap hair spray. Have you tried Tresemme's light hairspray? I think it's passable.

Claire said...

Hi! Haven't visited in a while. Mm, I use Pureology shampoo. Pretty expensive. BUT, I use like $2 Trader Joe's conditioner. Smells great and is gentle on the hair.