Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Couch Day!

When I moved into Jonathan's house, I didn't exactly contribute much in the furniture department.  He had a house that was full of furniture - literally, it was busting at the seams - and I didn't have all that much that was nice.  At our house next door, we used LB's dad's old couches; a dining room table that was in the house when we bought it; Patti's couch & chair in the back room; LB's tv chest; and then we all had our own bedroom furniture.  Mine was my grandmother's, so that got moved to the new house.  But other than 2 end tables (both of which got moved), and my grandmother's kitchen table (which got moved into my mom's basement), I didn't have anything else but a few odds and ends (bookshelves, a desk, a stool, etc.).

Jonathan's furniture was (is) pretty nice for the most part, and once we de-cluttered and moved different pieces to different rooms, everything looked great.  The only sort of questionable component of his furniture collection was the couch set in our back room (which acts as a den/family room and also has our kitchen table).  The couches were fine in terms of color and style, they were just getting old.  And so with their age, they were sagging a lot, the cushions were sort of deformed and would never really go back to their intended shape, and they were getting a little stinky, thus requiring a fairly-often application of Febreeze.

We didn't necessarily want to spend the money on new couches (thinking that at some point in the next couple years, we'll probably move), but at the same time, we realized we sort of needed them, whether or not we liked it.  So we decided to go for it! 

And Friday was new couch day!  I wasn't there, so I guess I don't really know, but it seems like everything went quite smoothly.  The Salvation Army came to pick up our old couches, and then in about an hour, the deliverymen came with the new ones.  So when I got home from work on Friday, I walked into a new family room!

Behold!  (Note: I didn't take pictures of the old ones.  I guess I should have, but I'm not sure their shoddiness would've transferred to film anyway, so just enjoy these new jewels.  And I couldn't really decide on flash/no flash - I'm not sure either 100% captures them - but you get the idea.)

I really like the way they look and they're pretty comfy, so I'd say it's a success!  And the pillow covers came from my trip to Pottery Barn on Saturday.  Next on my list is to get a chair re-covered that's in the same room, and then I'll feel really good about everything.  I love some new home decor!


Team DesGranges said...

ooh they look so nice! good choice!

katie said...

oooooh, they look great!