Friday, July 1, 2011

Little Girls

Our marathon week in east Memphis (ie, hanging out with Jonathan's sister & her kids every night at my in-law's house) has finally ended.  What a fun trip they had!

So on the tail-end of that, I have to pass on this article for everyone to read.  How To Talk To Little Girls.  Jonathan's niece is 3 1/2 and quite possibly the cutest little human I've ever seen.  Seriously.  She's so freaking cute - you see her and have this instant desire to squeeze her in a hug.  And really, aren't most little girls like that?  It's not that little boys aren't adorable in their own way, but there's something about a little girl in her pink and her little dresses and her little hair ribbons that just makes you melt.

And per this article, I'm 100% guilty of seeing her and immediately saying something like, "Eliza, you look so cute!  I love your dress!"  Read the article.  Even though my comment is truthful and coming from a place of love, when you think about it, it's definitely not the first thing you want a little girl to hear from every single person she encounters.

I hope everyone has an awesome 4th of July weekend!  I promise I'll be back on the blogging scene next week!


LB said...

What a great article - and SO TRUE. I always go straight for the compliments - now that seems so dumb. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

I'm with LB. Thanks for sharing the article, it's so true, and I definitely find myself offering similar compliments.

To reading!