Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's The Little Things

I cannot tell you how happy it made me to see this in our breakroom at work yesterday:
It's a box for people to put their unused packets of sauce!

As a lover of sauces, this appeals to my constant desire to jazz up my food.  Quite literally, two weeks ago I needed ketchup to put on something I'd brought to work.  I had to tear apart dig through random drawers in our breakroom until I finally found one measly packet that was shoved in the back.  I was glad I found it, but I couldn't help wondering how many unused things get thrown out without a second thought.  And really?  It makes a lot of sense to save this stuff.  We don't have community condiments or anything in the fridge, so we're helping our co-workers out by letting them use the stuff we don't want.

Some of the interesting sauces I saw in this box o'goodies (without dumping it all out to extensively examine):
-lots of ketchup!
-malt vinegar
-soy sauce
-Louisiana hot sauce
-McDonald's bbq sauce that I might have used on my sandwich at lunch...because it's friggin awesome
-cocktail sauce
-apple jelly
-strawberry jam

Now that's some great variety!  Good job, people who eat out for lunch everyday - way to not be completely wasteful!

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