Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hair Rut?

There was a segment on the Today Show a few weeks ago about hairstyles.  One of the "experts" made a comment along the lines of: "if you've gotten the same haircut/color more than three times in a row at the salon, you're probably in a hair rut."

WHAT?  If this is the case, I've been in a "hair rut" for a few years, now!

So I kind of understand how a hair "expert" would say this.  It's the same reason a super trendy fashionista would probably look at my wardrobe (and some of those items I've had for years and still wear) and say I'm in a fashion rut.  They're in the profession and they think styles should be cutting edge and different.  I get that.  And honestly, it doesn't really seem professional to me to change one's hair color all that often.  But, color aside, it got me wondering about my I in a rut?

I love my haircut.  It's the first time in my life I've ever had one that actually works with my hair.  Because it's super thin and super soft, it just doesn't work well in a lot of styles.  I mean, I look back at certain pictures from the past and think how awful my haircut was - how my stylist at the time just didn't seem to understand what to do.

But if I'm in a hair rut, should I change it up somehow?  I'm headed to the salon tomorrow, which is why this is in the forefront of my mind.  The past couple times I've been, my stylist has just done a trim, with hopes that I can do a genuine ponytail at some point in the future.  So I guess that's sort of changing it up?  But in the back of my mind, I keep thinking if it gets long enough for a pony, it's not going to look good down.  I also think once the weather cools down, I might go back to a straight-across bang instead of a side-swept one, which would be a little different.  But not that different.

What do you guys think about this?  How often do you change up your hair?  Do you think having the same haircut for years is classified as a "hair rut?"  What if one's hair isn't that versatile?


Sarah said...

As someone who has hardly changed her hair color or cut in the last 5years, I would have to disagree with the Today show expert. First, I think little changes like a straight across bang or letting it grow some, are enough to get you out of a hair rut. Second, I agree that it's sort of unprofessional in some industries to drastically change your hair all the time. Finally, for myself I find what keeps me out of a hair rut is doing different things to my hair. I don't need a change in cut/color. For example, I am currently on a kick where I rarely straighten my hair but don't curl it as much either, I just let it start to air dry, create some body and have some messy waves to it. I haven't changed my cut or color, but I guarentee it looks fairly different in pics when I do that. Professionals in that industry always seem to want to do something drastic to others hair, I think your hair is great the way it is and think it's preferable to have a cut and style that works for your hair texture, than constantly trying to change it up.

Claire said...

I'm not a big fan of colored hair, but I do appreciate when women take risks with their hair cuts. Why not change it up every once in a while? It will always grow out. Or, like my friend, Diana, keep generally the same long straight hair, but style it in all sorts of creative ways (braid one day, smooth slick pony the next, and so on). Makes me miss my long hair.