Friday, July 8, 2011

Fitness Friday

My positive fitness note this week is about running.  I ran on Friday, Sunday, and Monday with little-to-no knee pain, which was a f-ing miracle!  I think I did 5 miles Friday (I honestly can't remember), but I know I did 4 and 4.5, respectively, the other two days and felt great!  I don't want to get overly hopeful that my knee is completely healed - but I do think these are positive steps.  I definitely took it pretty slow.  I would do intervals between a 10-minute mile and a 9.  But I think that's the best way to get back into it.

Other than that, though, overall fitness has been blah this week.  My awesome yoga series class didn't meet because of the 4th.  And I went to a pretty bad yoga class on Wednesday at lunch (it was a substitute teacher and she was no good).  I also walked Hanker a few of the days, but other than that, not too much. 

And my eating hasn't quite been stellar, either.  I mindlessly snacked a ton over the holiday weekend.  And for some reason, none of my normal go-to's have been sounding all that awesome (which is kind of funny given that I've eaten the same lunch at work everyday for the past 2-3 years).  We ate at the ballpark last weekend and had YoLo, which was not the most calorically sound dinner.  And I ate just about a whole block of cheese myself.  Yuck.

Have you guys been doing better than me (I hope!)?  In my opinion, holiday weekends (when you're home from work an extra day) are really hard.  I just can't help myself from constantly grazing out of the fridge.

Oh - but in other news - Jonathan has lost 10 pounds!  Go him!  I think I need some of his diligence to rub off on me...

Happy weekend!  My momma is coming to visit which will mean about 5000 calories in delicious restaurant food.  Mmm.


Team DesGranges said...

How's that goat cheese working out, by the way? (Good I guess, if you ate a whole block, ha). Also, do you have a foam roller and/or have you used it to work on your knee pain? A masseuse told me to get one to roll on my IT band (but that is for my specific area of knee pain) - anyway, thought it might help you if you don't already have one! Have fun with Michelle this weekend!

Jackie said...

Mine isn't my IT band, it's just straight up "runner's knee" (ie, pain under the knee cap).

But I really want a roller! I think it would be great for my sciatica!

Sarah said...

I had a rough fitness/health week on my vacation in Michigan but it has felt good to get back into a schedule this week. Hopefully more focus to come next week. Congrats on the running without knee pain!

Claire said...

Ugh, same. Summer for me has been eating and drinking, and that's basically it. It's nice out? Oh, okay, let's walk then grab drinks and dinner and be fat. Need to reel it in. My friend has convinced me to participate in this weekly group run in Central Park that the nearby Nike store convenes. It's totally free; they even lead you in stretches before and after. Pretty great, if I can stick with it.