Thursday, July 7, 2011

Casey: Guilty or No?

Well, the big verdict is in - Casey Anthony: not guilty!

What do you guys think about this??

Not that I was super into the trial or anything, but I did enjoy reading little snippets here and there about the things they uncovered.  (Like the mom searching for "chloroform" on her computer - WHAT?)  And I was definitely brought back to the summer of the OJ Simpson trial when my stepmom and I would sit in front of the tv a couple hours a day watching all that go down.

And so, in my untrained-yet-married-to-a-lawyer-which-gives-me-some-street-cred opinion, I think "not guilty" was the correct verdict.  Do I think this woman quite possibly killed her daughter?  Yes.  But is that just a hunch?  Yes.  Is it supported by cold, hard evidence?  No.  And I have to say, I'm happy to see that the jurors were able to come to this conclusion as well.  The evidence just wasn't there.

Jonathan and I flipped on Nancy Grace the night of the verdict to see what she had to say.  Do you guys ever watch her?  Oh my gosh - she's a loose cannon!  She was so fired up you might have suspected Casey Anthony was accused of killing her kids!  And of course she thought the verdict was all wrong, etc.  But really, I mean, do you guys think there was enough evidence to convict her?  I don't.  And actually, I suspect Nancy might not either, but she wouldn't be the firecracker she is if she said so.

When all is said and done, poor, sweet baby Caylee.  At least she is with her family in Heaven and not her 100% dysfunctional one on Earth.


Tippy said...

Ok so I haven't kept up with this trial...just been reading about it in last 2 days. The public’s outrage and the claims there was no justice and the justice system sucks are unfounded.

She was charged with 1st degree. There was absolutely no evidence that she pre-meditated this. Therefore she could not be found guilty for that. To me that is poor decision making by the prosecutor or grand juror (not sure who decided for her). The verdict of not guilty cannot be interpreted to mean she did not kill her kid – it simply means that she was not guilty of a pre-meditated murder.

Sadly this case also highlights a hypocrisy amongst Christians. On the one hand we claim God is the only one to judge, but I have been very very appalled at what Christian people I know have said on FB regarding this case. Wishing her dead is wrong.

Oh and Nancy Grace – she really is a horrible TV personality. She sensationalizes cases beyond what is required and genuinely helps people not understand our legal system. No wonder everyone is angry – people like her are the reason if something bad happens to Casey Anthony once released. And isn’t she a trained lawyer? Or did I make that up? She should know better.

katie said...


AmyBethJames said...

I was disappointed but not surprised at the not guilty for murder or manslaughter. They couldn't even prove how the poor baby died. But I have to say I was surprised that they also returned not guilty on child abuse. Not reporting your daughter's disappearance for a month is worse than just suspicious. I saw today that there is a movement to make it a felony to fail to report a child's disappearance, which sounds like an excellent idea to me.