Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 4th

How sad to be back at work after a 3-day weekend.  But I guess on the bright side, we only have a 4-day week, so that's something, right?

Our extended weekend was really good.  Looking back, it feels like we were really busy, but in actuality, we didn't do that much stuff...

The main event of the whole weekend was the pool.  We went on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  And let me just say, it's so nice to have some color on my skin again!  But the pool was great (and arguably necessary given the blazing heat).  And an added bonus on Sunday and Monday was that the lifeguards brought a huge amp and played music - rockin.

We also went to the Redbirds game on Saturday night, which was followed by an awesome fireworks show.  So we did, indeed, get to see some fireworks this weekend.  (For some reason, Jonathan and I were under the impression that the downtown fireworks were cancelled [due to budget cuts - because that was the case last year], so we didn't even try to come down and watch them like we usually do.  Well, then we heard they weren't cancelled this year, and we were sort of mad we didn't get to see them [at least I was - not sure about Jonathan.])

And of course there was the annual Central Gardens 4th of July parade on Monday.  We walked Hank down (completely unsure how he'd handle the huge crowd & 100s of kids), and he actually did really well.  He barked a few times, but nothing completely embarrassing and/or inappropriate.

And then to really top off the holiday?  We had a what I hope will be annual screening of the quintessential 4th of July movie, the 1996 classic, Independence Day.  If you haven't seen this in awhile, do yourself a favor and rent it.  Some of the lines are classic.

I hope you guys had enjoyable fourths as well.  Did anyone do anything awesome?  Does anyone enjoy Independence Day as much as I do?

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LB said...

Sounds fun! Did Hank wear an American flag bandana? More importantly, was there a flag cake? I'm going six years strong!