Monday, June 20, 2011

Wiggity Weekend

I had a dream this weekend that I wrote a blog post about something stupid and I had all these comments saying, "you know, when you write about unimportant stuff, it just means that you're hiding what's really going on in your life."  I think my blog is taunting me.  Because really, I promise, this is all that's going on in my life!

So yeah, we had a fun weekend, overall.  Friday night we went to see Super 8 at the theatre.  I definitely recommend it - it was a perfect summer movie.  It had action, suspense, big dramatic scenes, comedy, and love - the perfect recipe for a summer flick.  Speaking of, is it just me, or in general is summer the perfect time to see movies?  I just love going to the theatre and sitting in the air conditioned room for a couple hours and being swept away in the fun plot lines of all the big summer blockbusters.

One night we went to the Levitt Shell with Patti to see a soul/r&b band.  It was packed (as it was the last concert until they start up again in September).  We had a great time - I just love that place!  I understand why they stop doing them now (ie, the heat becomes unbearable in a couple weeks), but it's still such a fun option to have on weekend nights, I wonder if we would go if they were available longer into the summer?  Who knows - but can't wait for September!

We've gotten into a routine of going to the farmer's market downtown every Saturday morning.  We stock up on some local veg, socialize, and let Hank play with the other dogs.  It's a fun little outting.  This weekend, as we were leaving the market, I had an intense craving for coffee.  I haven't really had any since I gave it up in February, so we cruised over to the Dunkin Donuts on Union and I got a cup of decaf.  Mmm - I've missed it!  I also went back and got some Sunday morning.

Our church is doing a cool summer series called "scripture I love to hate."  The sermon on Sunday was about how "women should be silent in the churches" (referencing 1 Cor. 14:26-40 and 1 Tim. 2:8-15).  Our church is quite liberal (not to mention, every clergy member we have is female except for our head pastor) - so we had a lovely sermon about the whole thing.

In sad news, we attended the visitation this weekend of a woman who was the same year in school as Jonathan and went to some of elementary school with him.  She's had cancer for the past 5 years or so, and it eventually turned into incurable brain cancer.  She died on her 12th wedding anniversary to her husband.  They have 3 kids.  It was really, really sad (and definitely puts some of the crap in my life into perspective.)

So yeah - we had a busy weekend!  Thankfully, it was mostly good!  Hope you guys had good ones, too.

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