Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Week of Craze

I've talked about it on here before, but a couple times a year, Jonathan's sister Ellen comes to Memphis to visit for a week or so.  She has three kids (boy 9, boy 7, and girl 3.5) and they stay at my in-law's house.  And basically, every night we go out to their house (about a 12-15 minute drive) to have dinner and hang out.

They arrived on Saturday.  We drove out there when they got in and hung out & had dinner.  Then Sunday morning at 9am we all went out to the new playground at Shelby Farms (which is awesome, by the way).  And then headed back to their house to have a belated birthday celebration for Janie my mother in law.  Later in the afternoon the boys came to our house and played Wii with Jonathan.  Then we all drove back out there and had dinner.

We'll spend every night of the work week out there, too (except tonight for me, since I'm hosting book club at my house [can't wait - we read Room]).  So all this to say, it's a super busy and somewhat exhausting week.  But it's totally worth it - Jonathan and I love seeing those kids.  They are funny and cool and it's fun to play with them.  All the driving is a little annoying, though (spoken like the true 10-minute commuters to work we are).


b|rad said...

What did you think of Room?

Jackie said...

Probably about 40 pages in, I was like, "holy crap, what have I gotten us into?" just because I was feeling claustrophobic and sort of bored of the same old "we woke up. Hello Bed. Hello Wardrobe." etc. But then I got into it and liked it more.

Overall, everyone in book club liked it, for the most part. We had a really good conversation about it.