Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Things I Just Don't Get...

(In no particular order of importance.)

1) How anyone can be a calm driver.  I just don't get it!  How someone can just sit in a long line of slow-moving traffic (or behind a bus) and not care about passing.  Or how someone can drive behind an a-hole driver (maybe the guy who tries to left turn at a no-left-turn stop light, and/or the guy who sits in the right lane at a stop light for a busy street [where there could be a right turn on red] but doesn't turn) and not honk.  Driving totally fires me up.  I often call people "bro" in a fit of road rage.  "Come on, bro!"  Move it!"

2) How someone could choose to use body wash over a bar of soap.  It just doesn't clean as well!  And those loofah poof things seem like big germ magnets to me.

3) Why someone wouldn't eat something cough, my husband, cough cough because it's a day or two past the expiration, when clearly the food hasn't gone bad.  Spoiled food is very noticeable!  I don't think anyone should eat spoiled food.  But those expirations are not the end all-be all.

4) Why so many people practice extremely poor bank behavior.  When you walk into the bank, there is a little table with deposit & withdrawal slips right before the line.  Fill out your slip first, then get in line!  When there's a full line of people (most of whom have pre-filled out their slips), when you get in line and wait to fill out your sheet until you get up to the teller, you're holding everyone up.  I don't understand why this isn't obvious.

5) Why there isn't a soymilk option at frozen yogurt places.  Come on!  There are lots of lactose intolerant people and/or vegans out there!  (Maybe this is more of a personal request...)

6) How some stores/restaurants are able to stay in business while others aren't.  (I mean, obviously I understand this on a literal/business level.)  But seriously, how can Paulette's still be in business, while LoLo's Table and Umai closed?  How is Cafe Ole still open?  How do small, high-end boutiques stay in business in this economy while Davis Kidd almost closed?

Do you guys have anything you just don't get?  I'm going to keep thinking about my list and update it every now & then.  A lot of times these things come to me when I see someone do something weird and I just think to myself, "why are you doing that??"


LB said...

This list could also be titled:
Things That Will Drive Me to Slap You

Sarah said...

I love this list! I am so on board for #1, that is the best thing about a short commute.

Claire said...

I have "track rage." I am truly perplexed by those people who while on a crowded subway train, will hover around the poles near the doors, when clearly it makes sense for them to move further into the subway car so that the new passengers can both board and stand comfortably. During rush hour, it's not rare to see very crowded-looking train cars whose middle sections are just about empty. Usually one sees this while standing on the platform as the train exits the station, forced to wait for the next train. Very. annoying.