Friday, June 24, 2011

Food Love

I don't know what the deal is of late, but I've been obsessed with food.  I've been reading tons of Memphis blogs about restaurants in the area.  I've been watching more food tv than normal.  I've been thinking about meals I could make and/or meals I'd like to get from restaurants.  I've been reading blogs about baking and thinking about delicious, sweet delicacies.  And I've been mapping out what the perfect day of Memphis eating would look like.

(In case you're curious, it changes day to day, but right this second, my perfect day would probably include: an interesting omelet from Brother Juniper's for breakfast; the chocolate covered almond smoothie from Cosmic Coconut for mid-morning snack; the buffet at Pho Ho Binh for lunch; BBQ tofu nachos from RP Tracks for a happy hour snack; an enormous pizza from Trolley Stop Market for dinner [because I've been dying for pizza!]; and YoLo and a cupcake from Muddy's for dessert.  There are also about 100 other combinations of awesome days of Memphis eating that include stuff from Cafe Eclectic, Saigon Le, Golden India, 3 Angels Diner, Jasmine, Fino's, Tsunami, Swanky's, Las Delicias, and many others!  [And also, even though I hate to include a chain restaurant, Houston's because I go crazy for their veggie burger!])

I've been thinking about some restaurants I want to try, as well: Fuel, Imagine Vegan Cafe, The Majestic for lunch (because apparently there's an awes veggie burger), Pita Cafe, Sean's Cafe, La Michoacana, Sharon's Chocolates & Bread Cafe, Hi Tone for pizza, and Super Submarine Sandwich Shop.  (Have you guys been to any of these places?)

I think my obsession with food is partly because Jonathan has been doing the South Beach Diet.  He's been doing great and dropping lbs while not really cheating at all (as far as I know).  But because of that, I've not really eaten food that wasn't created by me in about 2.5 weeks.  We hadn't been eating out at restaurants all that much before he started the diet (well, I hadn't - he eats out for lunch everyday), but at least once a week we'd go to a dinner.  Without that, I'm sort of daydreaming about all the awesome stuff I could be eating.

But it's good for everyone involved that we're being healthy.  So in the meantime, I'm going to continue fantasizing about food porn while we eat lean protein, veggies, fruit, and whole grains.

Happy weekend, guys!

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Anonymous said...

Now I'm dreaming about places to eat! I love the pizza at the Hitone (dare I say I prefer it to Trolley Stop?). Sean's Cafe is delightful - at least the meat dishes are. I've heard excellent things about the veggie options, as well. And when you hit up La Michoacana, please please please take me with you. I've only been once and want to try some more.