Friday, June 17, 2011

Fitness Friday

Ever since we got the dog, my exercise routine has been thrown off.  I've mentioned it before, but it's hard for me to get home from work, take him out to potty, and then put him back in his crate so I can exercise (since Jonathan doesn't get home until later and we wouldn't want to leave him unattended while I'm on the t-mill).  It just sucks.  So basically, I've had to rework the way I think about my exercise (even though I sort of liked it better before).  I keep telling myself it's temporary - because when Hank is older, 1) he'll be able to hang out without supervision, and/or 2) he'll be able to go on a long walk/run with me after work without getting so tired because of the heat.  Actually, it might get better once we are out of summer months, when it's cooler at 5pm than 99.

In the meantime, it's only temporary; it's only temporary; it's only temporary...

One thing we're doing is rotating who takes the dog for a 30-40 minute walk in the mornings.  (One of us does MWF and one does T/Th, and we'll rotate each week.)  So I have that extra movement I didn't have before.  And then I usually take him for a nighttime walk, so there's that.  And ideally I'll run on the treadmill Saturday and Sunday.  And I'll do yoga Tuesday and Thursday.  I'm definitely getting exercise, don't get me wrong, it just looks a little different since it isn't a blocked-out 45 minute window everyday after work.

Oh my gosh - speaking of yoga - I have to mention the awesome, awesome series I'm a part of every Tuesday from 5:30-6:45.  The teacher is a guy named Jonathan, and immediately when they offered this multi-week series with him, I knew I needed to sign up.  He sometimes subs for the normal teacher of our Thursday night yoga sculpt class.  And whenever Patti and I pull into class and see that he's teaching, we get excited.  We absolutely adore Caroline our normal teacher, but whenever you see Jonathan in the classroom, you know you're going to get an intense workout.

Um, yeah, "intense" is absolutely the word to describe this series.  Hands down, the hardest class I've ever taken.  But that makes it awesome!  He's been calling it "cardio yoga," which seems pretty appropriate.  It's very flow-y (which means that it's fast moving).  And we've been incorporating plyometrics (jump training) into it.  So we'll do these really hard moves that include lots of jumping, then he's like, "ok go back to downdog."  And you kind of think you're about to rest for a second, and he'll say, "ok, clear it out by moving through a vinyasa," which isn't exactly the rest you're looking for.  And then we immediately get back into it.  There's no rest until the end, when everyone is drenched in sweat and our muscles are close to exhaustion.  This week, even today, my leg muscles are so sore that sitting down and walking down stairs has been difficult.  But yeah - it's awesome!  After this series is over (in mid-July, I think), I'm hoping/praying/wishing he offers another one.  Totally worth the money.

So yeah, that's my exercise of late.  The new normal, if you will.  How have you guys been doing?  Has summer affected your workout routine (either for the better or worse)?

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Sarah said...

My routine has struggled lately. I struggle whenever my school schedule changes because I usually have to reset my workout routine. I can empathize with your feelings of changing to a new schedule but really liking the old one better. Once it gets warm I start playing a lot of intramural sports - right now kickball and softball. I love sports and I feel I only have a few years left to partake in team sports, but it takes up time and lacks intensity. I also really enjoy walking to and from work and with friends in the park when the weather is nice which is another trade off for more time less intensity. My schedule is going to drastically change again after my vacation over the 4th so I'm hoping to get back into some yoga classes and a more regular running schedule at that point. Until then, I will just have to enjoy playing 3 kickball games and 4 softball games next week.

I'm so jealous of that yoga class you described, one of my yoga studios has a "happy hour yoga" that sounds very similar. It's one of my favorite classes.