Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Clothes of Yore

So, just like most other people in the world, I try to clean my closet out about once a year.  (Well, actually, maybe a lot of people clean their closets more often?  But whatev, you get the point.)  It's about once a year for me, and it's generally a pretty obvious clean.  I get rid of stuff that: 1) doesn't fit & isn't worth altering, 2) doesn't get worn anymore, or 3) has worn out and has been deemed an "only for around the house" kind of item.

And this works fine for me, for the most part.  I gain more closet space, and some other person out there hopefully gains a new piece of clothing they like (because I promise, there aren't that many "only around the house" items that get donated).

But then, every now and again, I'll look through my closet and think "AHHHH - why did I get rid of that?!?"  And sometimes it's years down the road.  Just the other day I was lamenting the loss of a shirt I got for my birthday senior year of college (and sort of ironically, it was a shirt I didn't really wear that much when I got it, but would be a gem now).  Or who else is mad they threw out those colorful beaded "karma" bracelets that were popular circra 2000-2001?  I am!  I had a great light pink one that I'd love to wear today.  Other things I miss (in no particular order):

1) a red wool jumper that had a super retro look to it
2) purple suede wedge heels
3) tanish-gold espadrilles that laced up my leg
4) a pink silk top
5) a tan wool suit that had both a skirt and pant option
6) an off white sweater with a shawl collar
7) a dark brown fair isle sweater with pink detailing
8) winter white trousers
9) another off white sweater with buttons at the neck
10) red jeans

And yes, all these things got donated because they somehow fit the criteria.  But I know that none of them got thrown away because they were too worn out - they either didn't fit or weren't being worn.  But what if I had them now??  I could get them altered!  Or I would wear them now because they'd be cool!

Wouldn't it be wild - the hoarder aspect aside - if every time you got rid of a piece of clothing, instead of donating it, you could somehow neatly store it in your attic or basement?  Then, in a decade or so, you could go to your rack of old clothes and go shopping!

Do you guys ever think about any of your old stuff?  (I also have a running list in my head of items of clothing I should've bought, but never did.  Oh the foolishness!)

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