Thursday, June 9, 2011


Sometimes a weekend spent with girlfriends, away from the men in our lives, is just what the doctor ordered.  And boy was that true last weekend!  Katie and I ventured out of the dirty south up to Chicago to visit LB in her new home.

Side note - my dream came true, because LB who sometimes neglects her wee little blog posted on our trip before me and included the pictures, since we used her camera all weekend!  Hooray!

So - Katie and I both got in Thursday night.  My flight got in a bit later, so when I arrived, they picked me up from the train station and we went back to LB's place to hang out, talk a lot, snack, watch tv, stay up til 1, usual stuff, etc.

Then LB had to work Friday morning, so Katie and I got up, walked around her adorable neighborhood (Lincoln Square), went to a cutesy coffee shop, and then took the bus downtown to meet her around 1.  We went on to do some Chicago-y things in the city.  We had deep dish pizza for lunch; walked through an art festival; walked through the Art Institute's gift shop; walked down by the bean and Buckingham Fountain; walked through Forever 21 to find me a quick change of clothes for nighttime what?; and then went on to Signature Lounge in the Hancock Tower (where LB got engaged) for some sunset cocktails.  So fun!  The view from the Tower is incredible - and watching the sun set up there was absolutely perfect.  We ended the night at a cool sushi restaurant and then back at LB's place to enjoy the fabulous weather and her great deck.

Let's digress for a moment to talk about how awesome the weather was in Chicago.  It was warm but breezy during the days, and warm with a slight chill at night.  Per-fect.

Saturday we woke up (cough, some of us quite a bit later than others, cough) and went to another cutesy coffee shop in the neighborhood.  Then we spent the whole day just walking around different little neighborhoods exploring.  It goes without saying that the public transportation system in Chicago is awesome.  Katie and I both put some money on transit cards and all weekend we just hopped trains and buses with absolute ease and convenience.  How nice it would be to live in a city like that...

There were some minor thunderstorms in the late afternoon, which we used as an excuse to watch 16 & Pregnant on MTV but once they cleared, we went on to dinner at a great Thai place in LB's hood.  Two friends of LB's came and had dinner with us, then we went out to a bar with a fantastic, huge patio.  And the random event turn of the weekend was when Katie's good friend from NOLA Matt was able to come meet us out!  Matt's boyfriend lives in Chi-town, so he was visiting him for the weekend.  So fun!  We ended the night at a small house party pretty close to LB's place.

All in all, an awesome weekend!  As predicted, there wasn't ever a moment of silence, really, as we got our 6 months worth (or however often we do these trips) of talking in.  I'm convinced that girlfriend trips are good for the soul.  I came home rejuvenated and only slightly sad that we don't all live in the same city anymore.  Until next time, ladies...


Team DesGranges said...

Ha, trust me I was as surprised about sleeping so late as you were. Hope you like all the pics!!

katie said...

such a perfect weekend.