Friday, May 6, 2011

What A Girl Wants

Of course, since my birthday was in March and at the time I couldn't think of what people should get me, now that it's May I'm seriously wanting a ton of stuff.  Honestly, I think I could spend $500 right now on stuff I want without even second guessing any of it.  (Lucky for my husband, I won't do that.)

1) Makeup
I don't know what the deal is, but I'm feeling obsessed with makeup lately.  Things I want:
-the Sephora makeup brush bag that has every makeup brush you could ever want
-NARS primer with spf 30
-LORAC luminizing powder to put on with a big fluffy brush after I've put on my makeup
-non-drugstore brand liquid foundation
-one of these machines that apparently super sonic-ly cleans your skin
-a lipstick that I really, genuinely like (that doesn't require me blotting the color down by rubbing it in with my finger) that moisturizes, too

2) Shoes
I'm not usually a shoe person.  But, I've noticed lately that as I get older, my tried & true leather flip flops from JCrew aren't offering me the support I need.  In fact, when I walk around in them for a long time, my feet hurt, my ankles hurt, and I feel pressure in my knees.  BUT - I can't imagine giving up flip flops!  They're too easy!  So...I think these two pairs of shoes might help:
-Rainbow flip flops (which have some serious arch support and a thick-ish strap)
-Dr. Scholl's original exercise sandals.  I love these things.  And I love how they come in & go out of style every few years (I had a pair when I was in middle school, I think).  But the wood base, even though it seems insane, offers arch support and cushioning for your body (and after you go through that awful phase of unimaginable blister hell breaking them in, they become so, so comfortable).

3) A new summer purse - my yellow one from last year (that I adore) is looking a little rough around the edges.

4) Clothes!  I just want new clothes.  I'm sick of mine.

Ha.  Is there anything you guys have your eye on?  Happy weekend!


Sarah said...

You are a terrible influence. After reading your entry this morning I have just spent 30 minutes of online shopping for shoes and definitely have more than one pair in mind:red flats, white wedges, and tan sandals are all on my list. Thanks.

b|rad said...

I did a post recently (within the last month) called iWant: Tax Refund Edition. And I listed 4 things. I've since purchased 3 of them! Only the ipad remains!