Sunday, May 8, 2011

True 4am Blues

***Please note, this has been edited since it's original posting at 4:03am Sunday morning.  I wrote the original on my cell phone, which is a really crappy way to blog, I learned.  The screen is weird and doesn't let you see everything you've typed, and I couldn't do stuff like crossing out or spell check.***
So, what do you get when a person who hasn't had caffeine in 4 months has an enormous cup of caffeinated tea at 9:30 pm?

Maybe I should backtrack...

I'm in St. Louis visiting my mom for Mother's Day. It's been a fun (super busy) trip. I got in Friday around 7:30 and my mom & I had dinner and watched the movie version of Never Let Me Go (a book we both read). Then Saturday, we went for long exercise walks in the morning. In the afternoon, we went to the art show in Laumeier Park, which was really fun (& the weather was absolutely gorgeous!). We did a little shopping afterwards (where I bought 3 dresses for under $35 each). And then Saturday night, my mom, sister, and I went to see Water for Elephants and went to dinner at Table Three (a cool [yes I just said that] restaurant in Wildwood). All in all, a fun day! And brunch is on the agenda at Cardwell's tomorrow.

But why am I awake right now?

Well, when we got home from the restaurant, I wanted to fix a cup of decaf tea to sip while we watched tv before bed. My mom spoke the praises of her favorite tea from Teavana. She assured me it's decaf. Famous last words. It's 4am and I haven't been to sleep yet. I'm wired. I've already packed my bag for tomorrow, followed up on some emails, and read a magazine. Awesome.

I hope you all are sleeping soundly...Im a little jealous.

(And some follow up, brunch at Cardwell's was great.  We sat on their lovely patio and enjoyed the weather.  I left St. Louis from Plaza Frontenac, so I definitely swung by St. Louis Smoothie on my way out and got the still-delicious Tropical Temptation and wrote down all the ingredients listed so I can try to make it at home.  So last night I finally ended up falling asleep around 4:30.  Then, I woke up at 6 [stupid internal alarm clock], went back to sleep until 8:30, and was up for good.  Oddly enough, it's around 9ish as I type this, and I don't feel too awful.  I'm hoping to get in bed soon and catch up on what I missed last night.  Hope you guys had good weekends, too - and I'm sorry that I didn't get to see any stl friends - my mom had a ton planned, and I wanted to be able to devote all my time to her.)

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