Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sort of Strange

Something a little strange has happened in these parts...  Remember how devastated I was to give up my good friend coffee awhile back?  And how awful those headaches were as I went cold turkey off caffeine?  I used to smell a fresh-brewed cup of coffee and feel desire - a small watering of my mouth - to have a cup.

But here's the weird thing now: I'm starting to fall in love with tea.

I know!  I've never been a huge tea fan - iced or hot.  But in these few months as I've tried tons of different caffeine-free teas, I've learned that not all tea is of the boring, flavorless variety.  In fact, some teas are delicious!  And there's something about having a warm mug of tea that can both energize me in the morning and relax me at night before bed.

I try to stick to decaf green tea in the mornings (because "they say" a mug of green tea per day is good for you).  But then for my nighttime tea - because I now have a mug every night after dinner - I like to go a little more exotic.  I already wrote about the delicious pina colada-flavored one.  Then my mom also bought me a couple blends from Teavana.  Have you guys ever been there?  My mom swears by it, and I must admit, the tea she got me is pretty darn good!

Another fun part about drinking tea is going to coffee shops, particularly non-chain coffee shops, where the selection of herbal teas is fab!  I've had lovely teas while visiting Vicksburg, MS; Lexington, VA; and Charlottesville, VA.  I like to add a little sweetener to my mug, and then have the barista top it off with a splash of soy milk.

I'm not ready to declare myself converted yet - but I have to say, the thought of going back to coffee, with its mostly-similar flavor no matter where you're getting it, seems strangely dull

(I can see you, my tea-drinking friends, rolling your eyes saying, "we told you so!"  And you did.  So let's share a mug of tea next time we see each other!)

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Tippy said...

I love hank. He's so pretty!! And it is totally ok if you write loads of posts about him.