Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our Family is Growing!

Internet - meet the newest member of our family, Hank.

My week has been filled with puppy-goodness, but I didn't want to write about it on the blog until it was 100% official.  Well, last night we finalized the adoption and this little guy became ours!

Jonathan and I have envisioned a dog in our life for awhile.  If you recall, we had to put sweet Bencat to sleep about a year ago, and we had to put Jonathan's sweet dog Mingo to sleep a few months ago - so we've been pet-less for a couple months.  Well on Friday of last week, we decided we would spend Saturday looking at available dogs to adopt in Memphis.  We weren't 100% "we're coming home with a dog today no matter what," but at the same time, we said if we saw a cool pup that we really liked, we'd go for it.

Our first stop on Saturday was at the local pet supply store, Hollywood Feed, that was hosting an adoption event with a rescue group called Real Good Dog Rescue.  It was here we first met Hank.  We walked him around on his leash and played with him a little.  We really liked him, but were somewhat hesitant that: a) he's a puppy - 5 months - and we were envisioning a slightly older dog; and b) he's a black lab/rottweiler mix, which means that he could become a big dog (and we were thinking more of a mid-sized).  But we really liked him!  We also knew, though, that we should probably not just take the first dog we liked, so we decided to go on to some other adoption places in Memphis.

Long story short, we went to 3 places - the humane society, the pound, and a rescue group's facility.  As you can imagine, some of those places (the pound specifically) are freaking heartbreaking!  In the end, there was a black lab puppy at the pound we really liked.  And there was a black lab at the rescue group's place who's temperament we really liked, but they told us he was only 3 years old, and we just didn't believe it - he acted like a 10-year-old dog and I'm pretty sure he was.  All that to say, our minds kept wandering back to Hank.  So we called Hollywood Feed to see if the adoption was still going on (and while our fingers were crossed), asked if Hank had been adopted.  He hadn't!

So we went back and walked him/played with him some more.  This rescue group is very cool in that they rescue dogs who are about to be euthanized from animal shelters, and then put the dogs with foster families until they can be adopted.  So Hanker was rescued from a shelter when he was teeny tiny and has been living with Lisa, the rescue group's founder, for most of his life.  We liked this because he's already crate trained and is used to being in a house (not in a cage like so many of the sweet dogs who've only ever known that at the humane society).  We asked Lisa if we could potentially schedule a playdate with him before we 100% adopted him - and she said, "why don't you take him home for the weekend & see if you guys get along."  So we did!

He had a sort of tough first 24 hours.  He was nervous to be in our house and he probably missed his other "friends" at Lisa's house (I think she has 6 dogs or something crazy).  But even in his nervousness, he was sweet as can be and would just come and lay on us and snuggle.  Around Sunday night, we was still being super sweet, but he really started to pep up more!  He was more interested in being playful and exploring.  We were smitten with him.

I wanted to run by our vet's office to have him checked before we officially adopted.  We went Monday night and all things checked out well.  The vet also mentioned that judging by his paw/joints, he would probably be around 60 pounds when grown (which was good news, because we were a little apprehensive he might be 100+).  So we called Lisa, agreed to meet her last night to finalize the adoption, and came home with our very own dog!

So yeah - we now have a puppy!  Expect about 3,000,000 annoying, my-puppy's-adorable, look-at-him blog posts/texts/facebook posts starting......NOW.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! He's so cute! I'm definitely in puppy adoption mode, but (luckily? sadly?) Kevin isn't quite as impulsive as I am.

But congrats on the adorable little guy!

LB said...

I LOVE Hank!!!! He's precious - so glad you guys took the leap!

Sarah said...

I love the name Hank and I love his sweet face! Congrats!

katie said...

hi, hank!! can't wait to meet you!

Claire said...

Aw, congrats. He's a cutie. Good luck in these first few weeks with him!