Monday, May 23, 2011

New Part

The title of this blog post could be so mysterious...  New part to what?  What kind of part?  Part of what?

But lucky for you, were talking about a "part" in the most lame, superficial way possible: my hair.  That is, the part of my hair.

So I'd been noticing for awhile that at the crown of my head, where my part was, I was getting a lot of flyaway hairs.  It was really noticeable after my last haircut and was driving me crazy!  So, when I was at my hair appointment this past Thursday, my hair dresser and I decided I should probably switch the side on which I part my hair.

I know I haven't changed the side of my part since I originally had side-swept bangs cut in, which was about 5 years ago.  But potentially it's been quite a bit longer that I've parted it on that side.

So we did it - we switched it.  And oh my gosh.  It's driving me crazy!  Absolutely crazy!

My bangs want nothing to do with the switch.  So that's been a daily battle.  And there's this weird mental element to it where I feel like I have a five-pound weight on the right side of my head - especially on my forehead - because I'm just not used to having more hair on that side.

One nice element to the whole thing is that I have tons of body to my hair.  So I guess there's that.

Just thought I'd share with you guys...

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LB said...

Oooh extra body! Nice side effect.