Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Dresses!

When I was in St. Louis this past weekend, as always, my mom and I hit up the mall for a little shopping.  And...lucky me, I got three new dresses!  I thought I'd share...

Dress #1
And a close up of the detail:
I'm excited about this one.  It's from Old Navy.  If you can't tell, it's a cotton eyelet material.  Mainly, I think this will be super versatile - I could easily wear it to the farmer's market or out to a nice-ish dinner.  And I like that it's black, because in the middle of Summer when it's 90 degrees at nighttime, it's good to have black and white dresses to wear to outdoor events (so no one can see how much you're sweating).

Dress #2
And an up-close of the detail at the top:

I like this one a lot, as well.  It's from Banana Republic and was tucked onto a sale rack.  I like how low cut it is (without being scandalous), and I like how the knots at the shoulder make it a little fancier than a standard cotton dress.  The material is a little crinkly, as well, which is cool.  The color isn't my absolute favorite, but it will do.

And finally, Dress #3
And a side-ish view:

I think this one photos the worst, but it's my favorite of the three.  It's from Ann Taylor Loft* and was also tucked back on a sale rack.  It's this lovely, luxurious cotton jersey - really thick/high quality, but super soft (and it has a layer underneath so it's not see through).  And the color is gorgeous - a perfect coral.  The one thing I'm worried about is laundering - do any of you guys have luxe cotton jersey dresses?  If so, do you dry clean them or do they wash & dry fine?

Oh yeah - and the greatest thing about the new dresses?  They were all on sale (each for less than $35) - score!

*Not sure if you guys like Ann Taylor Loft, but when I was in there Saturday, all dresses in the store were 30% off (even the sale ones) - and some of them were really cute, just fyi.


Sarah said...

Ann Taylor Loft has the best sales! All the dresses look great. I wash luxe cotton jersey dresses but I only dry them for about 5 minutes in the dryer. After that I just hang them to dry the rest of the way- it works for me and generally prevents ironing, which I hate.

LB said...

I usually wash most jersey dresses, but for a nicer one, I'd hand wash any stains and then Dryel it. Do you use Dryel ever?

Jackie said...

I think I'll probably wash & then dry for a few minutes & hang dry. That's what I do with pretty much all my clothes.

And no - never Dryel-ed. Since all of Jonathan's work shirts go to the dry cleaner, we usually go every couple weeks (so it's not an annoying, out-of-the-way trip). I feel more comfortable just giving them my dry cleaning than trying to do it myself.

Tippy said...

I Love LOFT. I got my rehearsal dinner dress there. And I have 2 skirts I got there last fall. one was $12 and one was $8. Amazing!!

Claire said...

I wouldn't worry too much about gently washing a 100% cotton dress (it's the synthetic blends that I find can't withstand the washer. I avoid them altogether now.). I haven't shopped at Loft, but a friend who has to dress up for work likes it very much. It can be a bit conservative for my taste? I've made a conscious effort in the last few years to be a bit more breezy and adventurous in my style (that sounds retarded, yes).

Btw, those dresses look great on you!