Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Mighty Mississip

I guess it would be sort of inappropriate not to mention the floods on my blog - especially since it's been headline national news for the past week (and most of my family [and some friends from out of town] have called/emailed to see if we're alright).

So - in a word - yes.  We're fine.

The flooding is ridiculous and crazy and vast, but it in no ways affects us.  The city of Memphis is situated on top of a huge bluff.  So, most parts of the city are fine.  Along the river are some parks (which are completely flooded), a road, and a neighborhood called Mud Island.  These places are experiencing flooding.  Mud Island is having a tough time on the back side because the Wolf River has flooded as well.  Here are some pics.  This first one is the backside of houses on Mud Island that face the Wolf River.  And I don't really know where on Mud Island the second one was taken...?  (Both of these were sent to me in an email and I can't cite their source either - sorry!)

Our office is situated in a good spot to see all the flooding.  So here are a couple pics I took on my iPhone.  This first one shows how much flooding there actually is.  They say the river is 3 miles wide in certain places.
And then on this one, I've put some handy arrows for reference:
The purple arrow pointing at those little shrub things?  Those are the tops of full-sized trees that normally line the river on the Arkansas side (and you see how far past the normal bank of the river the water flows).  The pink arrow is pointing to that Mud Island museum that has the walk-through Mississippi river exhibit - not sure if any of you have done that before.  And then the yellow arrow first points to some flags on the far left that are usually connected to that whole area with the museum - so the other yellow arrow is pointing out what is completely under water, thus isolating the flags.

Here's a picture of the amphitheatre on Mud Island (also from that un-citeable email sent to me).

And here's where Beale Street hits the river at Riverside Drive.  Again, as I said earlier, this is nowhere near where the bars are on Beale Street - it's just that the road runs East-West all the way to the river.
Source: blog
That guy clearly hasn't heard the mantra that's been ingrained into our brains for the past two weeks: Turn Around, Don't Drown (in reference to driving on a road that's flooded).

Anyway - thanks for all the concern.  We're doing fine.  But it's been really crazy to see.  I think the river got up to 48 feet, they said, just barely missing the record of 48.7 or something like that.  Jonathan had to do a training class at our church because we were set up to house flood victims in the gym.  Thankfully, he wasn't called to "duty" (since many shifts were overnight!).  The lot I park in for work has been insane because tons of gawkers have been coming downtown everyday to see the water.

Crazy stuff, crazy times.  El nino, man...

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