Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We had such a great weekend!  For some reason, it almost feels like we had a vacation - much more than other 3-day weekends.  The weather was fantastic, which added to the loveliness of the whole thing.

Friday night we cooked dinner and stayed in, spending a lot of late afternoon/early evening time in the backyard with Hanker.  I finished the book I was reading, Divergent, which some people are calling the new Hunger Games.  I'd recommend it if you like dystopian young adult fiction like I do (or if you were a fan of the HG trilogy).

I should back up before I move on by saying something about our Hank: he's a little skittish.  He seems to get along really well with other dogs, but he's a little hesitant around new people.  Jonathan even freaks him out sometimes (because I'm pretty sure he had almost no male interaction when he lived with his foster mom).  So, all this to say, when I asked the vet about it, she said one of the best things we could do for him right now would be to introduce him to all kinds of new experiences.  So there was a lot of that this weekend.

Saturday morning we went to the downtown farmer's market.  Then we went to a BBQ in the afternoon, and followed that with lunch at Cafe Eclectic.  We brought poochie to all these places.  He freaked out a little at the farmer's market, but was fine when we took him over to the dogsitting area.  He was pretty nervous at the BBQ, he actually hid under the table for awhile, but then he was great at Cafe Eclectic (he sat calmly under our chairs).  Saturday night we went to the Levitt Shell.  It was pretty funny because the artist was a black gospel band.  The show definitely ended with the song "When the Saints Go Marching In" and the female lead singer was like, "I'm gonna come down and march, and I want y'all to march behind me like we're gonna do when Jesus comes back."  Classic.

After church on Sunday, Jonathan worked while Hank and I went out to Shelby Farms to walk the 3 mile trail.  It was maybe pushing his energy a little bit (especially since it was full sun and probably 90 degrees), but he did alright.  Then Sunday night we went to the Redbirds (our minor league baseball team) game with Anna & Kevin.  The weather was gorgeous!  Once the sun set it was comfortable and breezy.  There were fireworks at the end, which was fun and Memorial Day-like.

And then there was a whole other day to the weekend!  How lovely!  We did a bit of work and relaxing on Monday, and then we took Hank to the midtown dog park.  There weren't all that many dogs around, so we didn't stay too long.  So afterwards we went over to Overton Park and walked one of the trails.

We ended the weekend cooking out on our deck and dining al fresco.  I feel so relaxed and ready to face the week.  (My week might or might not be three days because of a trip next weekend - whatev.)

Hope you guys had a good Memorial Day, as well!

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Sarah said...

That sounds like a great weekend! I had a wonderful Memorial weekend as well. My weekend included a farmer's market and some outdoor dining and a little sunburn yesterday, oops.