Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why I'm Excited About the Royal Wedding

I'm very excited about the royal wedding on Friday.  Seriously.  Really excited.

And now I'll preface. 

I'm not someone who's generally into pop culture.  I don't ever buy magazines (US Weekly, People, Entertainment Weekly) or watch tv shows (Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, etc.) or check the websites (I don't even know?  Perez Hilton?  TMZ?).  So I would say that my excitement is somewhat oddly out of character.  Not to mention I have a college degree from a good college, I hold a good, stable job at an investment bank, and I don't have any history of royal stalking or collecting memorabilia.  In other words, I don't think I'm the "type" of person one would imagine is super excited about Friday.  But I am.  So, so excited, actually.

I've heard all these naysayers on facebook and on the news talking about how dumb all the hype is.  In fact, my friend Tiffany (who has lived in the UK for the past 4 years) said on her facebook page, "The US is obsessed with the royal wedding.  I just don't understand the appeal."  Well, here I am to explain the appeal, at least from my point of view...

1) It's exciting!  I grew up alongside Prince William - I think just about any girl my age at one point wondered if she could somehow meet the prince on a vacation or something and become the next princess.  And now, he actually is getting married and that's exciting!  Our mothers watched Diana & Charles get married, now it's our turn to have a royal wedding of our generation.

2) We don't have royalty in the US.  The closest we have (I guess?) is Hollywood.  And we never get to see Hollywood weddings, they're always hidden and secretive.  But also, I think because we don't have royalty, we've embraced the British monarch.  What old-enough US citizen can't remember where they were when they heard about Princess Diana's death? 

3) It's international news that's actually good.  How many times do the news correspondents come on and tell us about warfare/deaths/famine/natural disasters/horrible things that are happening internationally?  It's a nice break to actually be excited about something internationally.

4) It's getting tons of news coverage here.  Again, going back to point 3, I'm happy to jump on board with news coverage that's actually light and happy in content.

5) William and Kate seem so likable!  I mean, seriously.  They are two attractive, smiley, happy people who are in love.  I'm happy for them.  I'm happy to see their lives unfold together and hopefully avoid the dreaded royal-divorce epidemic.

6) The element of the unknown.  There are some British traditions and some distinctly royal traditions that are interesting to hear about.  Maybe it's because I'm in the wedding phase of my life (that is, lots of people are getting married all around me), but I find all the wedding traditions fascinating.  (I very seriously wish I would've worn a hat to Tiffany's wedding 2 weekends ago - I think it's one of the only weddings I'll even attend where that would've actually been ok.)

7) The fashion.  As Princess Diana was known for her fashion during her life, Kate Middleton has the potential to step into her shoes.  I can't wait to see the dress!  And I can't wait to watch Kate (as our mothers did Diana) unfold as the fashionable princess.

I hate that it's implied by the haters that if you're American and excited about the royal wedding, you're sort of pathetic.  It's almost like admitting you like watching a soap opera or something - the person who does that must be 1) uneducated, 2) not doing much with their lives, 3) cheesy.  I don't think I'm any of those things.  And you know what?  I'm almost giddy with excitement!  I can't wait to set my DVR for all the daytime coverage, and then for Oprah, and then for Dateline that night.  And I'm perfectly comfortable admitting that.

Will you guys be tuning in?  Are you sick of all the hype?

(And just for the record, this is no way attacks Tiffany.  In fact, she only had the one facebook post about it.  Lots of others have had more strongly worded facebook posts about the wedding.  And Whoopie Goldberg and her big fat mouth had some words.  As did a whole special news segment of CNN making fun of how all American channels that talk about the royal wedding are doing so with a British accent [which actually is pretty funny if you start to listen for it].  I even think Perez Hilton was making fun of the US hype, which, I mean, dude, look at your life.  So anyway - not hating on Tiffany.  I'm hating on the haters.)


katie said...

i 100% agree with this post. i'm excited about it, too! in fact, shannon and vivian are spending the night here on thursday night so we can get up and watch it while eating scones and drinking tea. i'm not even kidding. but after this post, at least i'll know who to talk about the wedding with!! it fascinates me! and, side note, i think kate is going to make a drop-dead gorgeous bride!

Tippy said...

so i just wrote a big reply and then google deleted it. ha. here goes again.

I love your post. And I'm going to fill in the gaps around my lack of interest in this event. But I'll follow up with some positives too. :)

First off this wedding is currently being used as political propaganda in the UK by the current government. That instantly makes me hate it. (Unfair, but true). According to them we should all be ecstatic and out of our minds excited about 2 people we don't know getting married. It's such a big deal we should all be partying in our streets, BUT that will cost us cause we need a street party permit. It is going to rain on Friday.

Second, a vast amount of public money is going toward this wedding. I find this utterly ridiculous considering our health services are being cut, trash collection is being reduced, libraries are closing, etc. All those things are much more important to me than 2 extremely privileged individuals having a huge wedding with the taxpayer covering a GIGANTIC tab for various aspects of the day.

BUT I am very happy that so many people round the world are finding something to be excited about when so much bad is happening. I 100% cannot wait to see her dress, but that is where my interest ends.