Monday, April 4, 2011


We had an absolutely gorgeous weekend!  The weather was perfect: sunny and in the high 70s/low 80s.

I also feel like we got a fair amount of stuff accomplished.  Friday night we stayed in.  I cooked an awesome coconut shrimp dish and we watched the first two episodes of the new HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce (it airs on Sunday nights and we'd DVRed it from the previous week).  It looks like it will be really good - I recommend trying to watch it if you guys have HBO - it stars Kate Winslet.

Saturday morning I went for a long walk outside.  Then Jonathan and I cleaned up the deck & deck furniture so we can start sitting out there.  We ate dinner outside Sunday night and it was awesome.  We're in prime deck season because the bugs haven't come yet.

Saturday night Jonathan went to a friend's house to watch basketball and I had a friend over to our house to do the same.  She and I managed to pause the game for a second to grab some YoLo as well.  I must say, I was pretty happy to see Kentucky lose (sorry Patti!).  And I'm also excited for the game tonight - I hope it's a good one.

Sunday we did about 3000 loads of laundry (from vacation clothes to our "normal" week's worth of stuff to our winter sweaters to our sheets).  And we spent some time at Home Depot.  We're trying to accomplish two things with the house.  One, we want to get new window coverings (shades, shutters, or blinds) for our family room/den.  It's not the easiest task because whatever we get can't be mounted internally (if that means nothing to you, don't worry about it), and it's hard to find something we like that won't cost $1000.  And two, we need to address some issues with our backyard lawn.  Basically, we have grass in the middle of the yard, but everything on the outside has been worn down to dirt.  It's tricky because we have a pretty high fence that casts a shadow for most of the afternoon on the muddy sections.  We're trying to decide between laying seeds (which requires some labor-intensive tilling) or laying sod (which is more expensive) and we need to figure out which grass will do alright without full-on sunlight (and we need to know if that kind will match up with the kind we already have in the center of the yard).  I really had no idea that one's yard could require so much thought.

Anyway, it was a nice weekend.  It's amazing how some sun and warm weather can lift one's spirit (or make a trip to Home Depot, dare I say, enjoyable?).

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LB said...

Are you guys considering sodding yourself? If I may give my two cents (assuming you've never done it before), I would definitely hire someone to do that for you. It is a nightmare. It takes way more grass than you think it will, it's way more labor-intensive to lay down than you think it will be, and all-in-all it's just exhausting. I also had a bad experience un-sodding my lawn where I wanted to plant a garden. Night. Mare.