Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vicksburg Weekend

I sort of unintentionally fell off the face of the blog Earth this week.  I've been super busy, yada yada yada.  But with that to say, I have to backtrack a little and talk about my fun last weekend in Vicksburg, Mississippi for Tiffany's wedding.

I arrived on Friday around 6:30.  Katie and I were sharing a room at the local Vicksburg Hampton Inn (which, surprisingly, was really nice - I mean, shockingly so - and it only cost $100/night).  We freshened up and headed over to Tiffany's aunt's house for the rehearsal dinner.  It was waaaaay out in the country, and was really lovely.  We were mostly outside on their beautiful land.  The night concluded with a huge bonfire and all the rehearsal dinner toasts around it.  How fun!  We also had s'mores.  (Note, I ate one s'more and about four charred marshmallows, which are so freaking good!)  A funny thing to mention about this wedding is that most of Tiffany's family is from Mississippi and the groom & his family are from the UK.  There was a nice England meets Mississippi component to the whole thing - southern accents contrasted with British ones; suits contrasted with kilts; American phrases contrasted with English ones - good stuff.  This is the three of us at the rehearsal dinner.

On Saturday, Katie and I had a packed day of taking in Vicksburg.  We started with an exercise walk through a war memorial park.  (Vicksburg was a key city in the Civil War for those who don't remember their history lessons that well.)  It was lovely.  Then we headed over to the big Vicksburg Riverfest, which was more or less a street of "downtown" blocked off from traffic and loaded with vendors selling fair food.  We had a laughably awful dining experience at lunch that essentially took an hour and a half for 2 pieces of fried chicken and a tuna sandwich.  And following lunch, we toured the Biedenharn Coca Cola Museum.  Not the most amazing museum experience I've ever had, but something to do.  Here's looking down the street at Riverfest.

And here's the coke museum and a cool looking old building:

After Riverfest, we ventured over to the flea market that was in town.  And then we walked around the old courthouse (but passed on paying the $5 admission for another "museum").  We attempted to tour some old, beautiful, historic mansions that were on a little street downtown, but couldn't really figure out where to go or what the deal was.  The day ended at Payless shoes.  It seemed like a well-rounded Vicksburg experience.  Here's a pretty view of the old courthouse through the trees.
Then Saturday night was the lovely wedding and reception.  The bride looked absolutely gorgeous!  Her dress was simple and lacy, with just the right amount of blingy sparkle.  She and the groom were completely smitten all night - so cute to see!

The reception was held at the B'Nai Brith Literary Club, a gorgeous former Jewish literary club.  We were in the downstairs portion of the club.  It was just really beautiful: original hardwood floors, rich wood paneling, high ceilings, beautiful moldings and chandeliers, etc.  And let me tell you, the food was awesome!  As were the cakes - I mean, this was fantastic wedding cake - so moist and flavorful.  But yeah, as expected, we danced most of the night and had an awesome time.  Great wedding, guys!  And afterwards, all the "kids" who attended came back and hung out in the hotel lobby with the leftover alcohol from the wedding!  It was a pretty late night - but we really enjoyed hanging out with our new British friends.

All in all, it was a fun weekend and a good little getaway with Katie.  Congrats to Tipper and Graham!
Note: all these pictures were taken with the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone.  I realized Friday afternoon that I had forgotten to pack our real camera.  Since I've never been overjoyed with the straight-up iPhone camera, I decided to try a picture app.  I really like the way some of these look.  Others (note to self: people do not picture well in Hipstamatic), not so much.  Live and learn (and don't forget your camera).


LB said...

Is that a BM dress re-use I see on Katie??? Love it!

katie said...

oh, it most certainly is!!

Tippy said...

I knew Katie's dress looked familiar for some reason!! Loving the details of your weekend in Vicksburg. So happy you enjoyed it. We definitely enjoyed having you with us to celebrate.