Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Topics Revisited

I thought I'd follow up with a couple topics of past, just to keep you all informed.

The Great Till
Friday went about as expected, which was, back-breaking and hard.  Tilling the soil was really, really tough.  Imagine mud that hasn't been turned up in at least 9 years, that has some mossy-mold growing on the top of it, that has crazy roots right under the surface.  Then imagine breaking all that up using a metal rake - not a machine.  Really, the only way to do it was to throw my body weight into the corner two prongs of the rake and rip into it.  It was sloooooow moving because my arms and back couldn't take continuous work - I had to till a little, and then rest a little.

BUT - it's done now.

Laying the seed also posed a little problem, more or less because of inexperience.  I bought one of those seed distributor things that you push, which was great.  But because I'd never done this before or seen it done, I had no idea how many seeds to lay down and/or how thickly to distribute them.  We shall see.  (I should also mention that yesterday Memphis had awful storms and got about 4 inches of rain, and similar storms are predicted for tonight and tomorrow.  I'm really nervous about the seeds!  I'll be so mad if they wash away!)

The Pursuit of Romper
On Saturday this past weekend, I finally made it over to the new Urban Outfitters down the street.  And just for the record, the store is gorgeous!  They turned the space into something awesome - I was so impressed.  While I was there and wandering aimlessly thinking to myself how extremely un-trendy I dress I decided to try on some rompers!  I grabbed a casual one and two dressy ones.

The verdict?  No. Dice.

Boo.  But yeah, as I originally predicted, they were all so so so short on my tall body.  And not just short as in shorter than what I usually wear.  They were so short that they hit a really unfortunate part of my upper thigh making my legs look really, really bad.  And size didn't remedy anything - on one of the dressy ones I tried a medium and a large.  The large was slightly longer (I guess?), still too short though, and then way too big on the upper half.

I guess the pursuit continues, although I don't have high hopes...


Sarah said...

Good luck with the grass seed, that is a lot of rain!

Jonathan said...

I, however, am getting one of these...