Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So Excited!

Ever since I went to the Chicago Diner a few years ago, I've been obsessed with the concept.  It's an all-vegetarian restaurant, but stuff on the menu is listed like it isn't.  So there are things like "bacon cheeseburgers" and "chicken tenders" and "Philly cheese steaks" - but all are made with vegetarian sources of protein.  I found it so cool because it was what one would typically classify as "diner" food - junky, greasy, and totally splurge-worthy.  While many restaurants have awesome vegetarian options on their menus, most of the vegetarian food tends to be more "healthful" than some of the other menu items.

WELL...  Guess what??  Memphis is getting its own all-vegan restaurant with junky, greasy diner food!  I'm so freaking excited!

Imagine Vegan Cafe will open in the Cooper Young area of Memphis.  This is the neighborhood next to mine (read: this diner will be in long-walking distance of my house) that is sort of funky/art-y/cool.  It's the perfect location - arguably the only possible location - for an all-vegan restaurant.

It's set to open next week, I think.  I have really high hopes - it better live up to my excitement!

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Sarah said...

Very cool! I'll be anxious for the blog update after your first meal there.