Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Day, Go Grizz, FF

It's Friday, which means a couple things...

1) It's royal wedding day!!!  Woo hoo!

2) The Grizzlies are going to hopefully beat the Spurs tonight.  We'll be at the game and I couldn't be more excited!  This city is going to FREAK OUT if they win!  Go Grizz!!!


And Friday also means "Fitness Friday," of course.  I don't have the best fitness/health week to report, though.  For some reason, I've been having some crazy food cravings all week.  I went to Walgreens yesterday in desperate search of Cadbury Eggs on after-Easter sale.  There were none.  In fact, in my desperation, I probably would've settled for a number of different Easter candies, and basically all that was still in stock was Peeps (blah), Easter-themed suckers, and Skittles in an egg-shaped container.  No dice.

The one highlight of the week, fitness-wise, was that I was able to do 40 minute runs on Sunday and Wednesday.  My knee didn't feel 100%, but it also didn't feel awful.

And I've been having this weird thing with yoga lately.  So for a long time, I was paying for my classes because I had bought a Groupon thing where classes cost either $2 or $4 (different deals - and I bought a ton of classes with each one).  Well, now that I'm done using those, classes cost $10.  And it's not that $10 is a ton, but it's also quite a bit more than $2.  So I've been having trouble (mentally) justifying a ton of classes every week because it feels a little too expensive.  Grrr.  I hope Groupon does another deal soon!

Anyway - happy Friday, everyone!  I hope you have good weekends!

(Gooooo Grizzzzz!)

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veena. said...

have fun at the game! cheer extra loudly for me!