Thursday, April 7, 2011

Romping Around: Just Child's Play?

I never really thought these words would come out of my mouth, but...I'm sort of interested in buying a "romper" ie, a onesie.

My interest was piqued during an episode of What Not To Wear a week or two ago when a woman came out of the dressing room in an adorable, chambray-type onesie with a cute belted tie at the waist.

I'm unsure where exactly a romper would fit into my wardrobe.  Would I want a casual one that I could wear on the weekends for errands, etc. - maybe something that would work in the same way that shorts and a tank top do in the summer?  Or would I want something a little nicer (maybe in a lush fabric?) that would work for maybe a nice restaurant/casual-ish party, thus replacing a summer dress?

I have two major concerns, though:
1) age appropriateness
2) length

The lengths on all the ones I see online look super short.  Now I know this isn't a dress, so a little shortness isn't as shocking.  But I definitely wouldn't want something shorter than the shorts I already own. 

(For the record: I know that some people love to wear really short things [and that mini-stuff is in style right now], but just for my own personal taste, and considering how tall I am, I don't love things that are super, super mini.)

But here's my big question: are rompers age appropriate for me?  This might be correlated with the length issue, as well.  I've not really seen many women wearing them in Memphis.  This makes me wonder if that's because the people wearing them are aged 15-25 and we aren't really frequenting the same places.

Thoughts, my fashionista friends?


LB said...

I have a romper that I got from one of the Megans and I like it a lot but don't wear it often (it's dark denim so I only wear it out to a bar with heels or something). I think you should totally look for one, but steer casual b/c you'll be les self-conscious about the length if you're at the grocery store than if you're at a work party. I've never even seen a decent length romper to be honest, ha. But I'm also not out romper-shopping every weekend! Let me know if you get one!

Tippy said...

These have been huge in London for last 2 years or so, and people of all ages are wearing them (that said, some of these women should NOT due to body-shape or they are closer to my grandma's age than mine). We have some that hit about mid-thigh. I tried on one yesterday, but the top was too big thanks to me being flat-chested.

Also we have the full jumpsuits and those are super cute for nights out. With a big belt, big earrings, and big hair. :)

Claire said...

Mmm, I have lots more to say on this than I have the energy for. But I will say couple of things: prefer the pants-length kinds; go for lush fabric (basically, I would splurge; want solid construction and fabric) and maybe hold off on the accessories. Keep things simple. Doesn't mean you can't have a great pair of shoes.