Friday, April 22, 2011

It's A Good Friday To...

Not go to work!  Woo hoo - I love you, stock market holidays!

But actually, I'm hoping to accomplish a major task on my day off even though I'd rather be shopping, relaxing, reading a book, watching DVRed tv, baking, doing yoga, just about anything else.  I'm going to till our backyard with a metal rake and then lay grass seeds.

Yeah.  I know.  And no, I've never done it before.  Aside from internet research, I know nothing.  I don't even have a firsthand account from someone who has done this before.  BUT, I'm confident.  I think it will be fine, and it will be a good example of how some sweat equity can really save you $$$ in the end.  It's been super rainy all week, which I'm hoping will make the tilling process quite a bit easier (and muddier) than if the ground were more dry.  (And in case you're going to suggest it, Home Depot doesn't have a tool to rent that can do what we need it to do.  The only machine they have that has a control for settings [since we don't need the ground super ripped up] is huge and requires a truck to move.  No dice.)

So stay tuned!  I'm hoping it will be a good upper body workout.  And I think if I wear headphones and rock out, it might be a little more fun.  Send your nice lawn vibes my way!

Happy Good Friday!

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Team DesGranges said...

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.