Thursday, April 14, 2011

HG Diversity

There was a fascinating little segment on Morning Edition yesterday about diversity on tv.  It said that oftentimes, minorities are type-cast into certain roles.  Black people play either cops or crooks.  Latinos play the sex pot, detective, or dealer, etc.

But apparently there's one place on tv where minorities are represented as hard-working, successful, and equal to their white counterparts: HGTV.  And it's so true!

Do you guys watch much HGTV?  I enjoy it for fluff tv and/or something to watch on the treadmill (it moves surprisingly fast - on numerous occasions, actually, I've ended up doing longer runs because I was sucked into an HGTV show or two [since on the renovation ones, you can't not watch the end]).  It's pretty cool when you think about it from a racial diversity standpoint, though.  They are constantly featuring black, white, asian, latino, and gay homeowners for both the renovation and house hunting shows.  And they also have many ethnicities hosting the different shows.  But even more remarkable, perhaps, is that it all blends seamlessly.  It doesn't seem like the network is trying too hard, as is the case in some commercials where you see 4 friends hanging out, and it just so happens that one friend is white, one black, one asian, and one latino. On HGTV, as a viewer, it just feels like a good representation of the general population, in my opinion.

According to the NPR segment, the increase of african american viewers of HGTV has increased 50% in the past year!  50!  It would be nice if other networks took the hint: your viewership will go up if you stop typecasting.

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nice fun fact!