Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun Times

We had a lovely weekend!

Saturday was jam-packed with stuff.  First, we had our dear friends Amanda and Stephen over for lunch.  They live in Austin, TX, but were in town for a wedding.  It was so nice to have them to our house and share a couple hours together on the deck in the wonderful (but windy!) weather.

Then at 4pm, we went to the wedding of more dear friends, Anna and Kevin.  They got married at our church, Idlewild, and the reception was at the Hi-Tone.  It was fun for us to attend a wedding at Idlewild because we hadn't been to one there since our own.

The Hi-Tone was a really interesting, uncommon location for a reception.  It's a bar/nightclub/music venue in midtown Memphis.  (We've seen a few good shows there, as it tends to be the locale that gets a lot of random, indie bands that my husband loves.)  Anna and Kevin wanted something cool, casual, and unusual for their reception - and this definitely fit the bill.  I was completely shocked how well the place cleaned up - but it looked great and was really transformed into a cool, shabby-chic reception venue.

The bride looked gorgeous, the couple was giddy with happiness, and everyone who attended seemed to have a great time.  The food was good (very vegetarian friendly), the drinks flowed, and the band was awesome.  All in all, I'd call it wedding success! Congrats, guys!  (I think they both read my blog.)

So normally our night would've ended after a wedding, but we actually had another party to attend afterwards (we're quite the social butterflies).  This one was a surprise 40th birthday party for yet another dear friend.  (We really got a good fill of friends we love this weekend.)

We didn't make it for the actual surprise portion, but arrived a little bit late to an incredible house that overlooks the Mississippi River.  It was extremely modern (in both construction and interior design).  The first floor had probably 30 foot ceilings, and the whole back wall was windows overlooking the river.  One of the bathrooms had leather walls.  The shower in the master bedroom was crescent shaped and was sort of like a walk-thru carwash - the whole length of the crescent was full of jets at different levels.  (And the shower was next to the in-house sauna and the hot tub that had open air above it.)

Anyway, awesome house aside, the party was really fun.  We had tons of friends there, so it was fun to hang out and catch up with some people we don't see all that often.  There was a cool, big patio overlooking the river and it was a gorgeous night so I spent a lot of time out there.  The birthday boy was on cloud nine (he'd actually had a surprise family party the night before, and was off to St. Lucia for a week to celebrate I'd be on cloud nine, too).

All in all, what a wonderful way to spend a Saturday.  I had an incredibly bad headache for most of Sunday, though.  It felt like I was hungover, which is pretty annoying when you don't drink anything the night before.  I blame either the pounds of pollen that are coating every outdoor surface in sight, or the pounds of cheese I ate on Saturday night (since I've been trying to lay low on my dairy consumption of late).

Hope you guys had good weekends, too.


Amanda said...

Thanks again for being such a wonderful hostess. As always, we loved spending time with y'all. I can't until you post after your Lexington visit. :)

veena. said...

I'm so jealous you got to go to Anna & Kevin's wedding! I'm sure it was beautiful. Be sure to congratulate them for me the next time you run into them!