Friday, April 8, 2011

Fitness Friday

This was a great week in terms of diet and exercise.  I worked out every day (walking or yoga).  And I made very meticulous healthy eating choices, including not eating out at all, except for a trip to YoLo. 

One thing that has been concerning me, though, is the possibility that I'm not eating enough calories every day.  This week I tried to remedy it by upping the calories of my after-work, pre-workout snack.  One day I tried a slice of Genesis bread with natural peanut butter and a glass of almond milk (probably around 350 calories because I was pretty generous with the PB both on the bread and shoveled into my mouth via spoon).  And I also bought some delicious hummus in the prepared foods section of Whole Foods - it's called something like, "Jessie's super spicy hummus" and is, in fact, "super spicy," which is just how I like it.  I've been dipping veggies into that.  (When you get as much hummus onto each bite as I do, it becomes a more calorically-dense snack than the average person's dip to veg ratio.)

Other things I've thought about to get more calories without feeling like I'm jamming myself with food: 1) add more oats when making oatmeal, because I'm always hungry enough to eat a big breakfast; 2) add more olive oil to my homemade salad dressing at lunch; 3) eat more nuts; or 4) make smoothies with added protein powder.

In other news, I'm in the market for a supplement form of fish oil.  Either capsules or flavored oil.  Do you guys supp fish oil?  And if so, are you brand loyal to something awesome I should know about?

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