Friday, April 1, 2011

Fitness Friday

I know I've been doing Fitness Fridays on and off on the blog.  If I ever don't do one, it's most likely because not much has changed in my fitness/health routine, so I won't bore you with "I walked/jogged/yogaed this week."

But this week, I had to get on here and toot my little horn (TOOT TOOT) because I feel so proud of myself:

I worked out on our vacation!

Quite possibly, this is one of the first vacations ever where I brought workout clothes and actually used them.  I worked out every morning except one - and I even went to the gym on my birthday!

A huge contributing factor to this was the time change.  Arizona is 2 hours behind Memphis.  So as hard as I tried, I was up tossing & turning everyday around 5:30am and up for good by 6:15.  (And we went to bed accordingly early - so it wasn't like I was sleeping poorly, for the most part.)  Another contributing factor: no alcohol.  When you don't drink a lot the night before, it's not difficult to wake up early and/or hit the gym.  Also, I think the dynamic of the family vacation was pretty conducive to working out.  My half brother & sister are 16 & 17, so they typically sleep late, and we were at a hotel with a free breakfast from 7-10.  So if I was done working out by 8, a) breakfast was still being served, and b) most of the family was in the dining room since the kids had just woken up.

On the opposite end of healthfulness, though, was my eating.  Holy crap.  I mean, I obviously knew going into a vacation that I wouldn't be eating all that well.  And I'm not beating myself up about it.  But wow.  Lots of food.  I hadn't eaten french fries in a long time and I had them twice.  I hadn't eaten fast food in probably 3-4 years and we went to In & Out Burger one day (I got the grilled cheese off the "secret menu").  Add in birthday cake at my aunt's house, dessert at the restaurant the night of my birthday, Cadbury Eggs we bought for our room, and freaking delicious hashbrown potatoes on the breakfast buffet every morning, and I was in over my head.  But it's cool.  I'm back on the healthy eating wagon now and trying to de-bloat.

Another thing related to health/fitness was the two beers I had on my birthday.  Yeah, those

So...I can honestly say this trip was the first time in two months I really had a problem with the no drinking thing.  It's just that my dad's side of the family are big drinkers.  And there was the jovial atmosphere since we all hadn't seen each other in so long.  (And the slight awkwardness, too, of not seeing each other.)  And the general vacation feel - literally, every family group had bought alcohol for their own hotel rooms (including Jonathan getting some brews for ours).  We had beer out by the pool.  Beer in the afternoon.  Beer in the rooms before we left for the night.  Drinks before dinner.  Wine with dinner.  After dinner drinks.  You name it.

So by the time we got to dinner on my birthday - after there had been all day pool drinking and a couple hours of wine on an awesome patio - I couldn't stand it anymore!  We walked into the restaurant and it was one of those places that has ~75 interesting beers on tap.  You guys know how I love beer.  So Jonathan and I chatted it over and decided that a couple beers on my birthday wouldn't kill me.

And they didn't.  I had two pints.  Two delicious, dark, thick, smooth stouts.  And they were good.  They were enough.

One thing I did reflect on, somewhat happily, was how many calories I saved by not drinking.  Thinking about the birthday, for example, I bet we'd be looking at ~3 light beers in the afternoon, 2 glasses of wine at the patio bar, and maybe 3 pints at the restaurant.  Probably around 1000 calories!  I knew not drinking was good for something!

I'm hoping to yoga a lot this upcoming week and potentially do some more running, which I've been gently trying to re-incorporate into my routine.  The knee is holding out so far.

Did you guys have good health/fitness weeks?  Do you usually work out when you're on vacation?

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Sarah said...

Here's an extra pat on the back for vacation working out. I usually run once while on vacation and that is about it. I walk a lot especially if we are vacationing on a beach, but don't usually allocate time for working out. My family rarely vacations in hotels, so we don't usually have a workout facility readily available which may partially contribute to this lack of working out.

As for myself, I had a slow week of working out because I'm very busy with two school projects in the evenings right now. I hate that when my life is stressful I tend to workout less, because I honestly need it more then. Have any solutions for that?

- Sarah